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The Plot (Updated August 2015)

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The Plot (Updated August 2015) Empty The Plot (Updated August 2015)

Post by Akisame Era on Wed May 28, 2014 10:07 am

The Plot

CHAPTER ONE: Nigh tsu tew meetchu!


Japan, as a country, has been isolated from the rest of the world for countless eras, having had evaded the Black Ships in 1853 via Ayakashi. However, since the rest of the world has developed new and revolutionary technology, certain islands of Japan have collectively and separately decided to open their ports to make money and trade ideas. All but Shikoku have consented.

With a new flood of foreigners boating in from various countries to take advantage of marketing their technology, there also comes danger. Gaijin are but that: foreigners. What do they know about Japan? Sure, some have probably done research--some probably have heard stories, but none have yet experienced the true bewilderment of encountering an Ayakashi. After the first few voyages to Japan, the foreigners that did encounter Ayakashi, ended up getting rid of a few shrines. They say a single drop makes a large ripple.

Now don't get me wrong, foreigners aren't going around on a daily basis burning down shrines, rather, a few were taken down in light of supporting new religion (such as Christianity and the like). But the results of those few actions made many Ayakashi spiteful towards foreigners or even humans in general. Ayakashi either avoid them, or plot ways to disrupt their normal everyday lives. Some have even sought foreigners or humans to kill them. Because of this, there has been a major spike in ethereal activity among the living. Ayakashi have come to almost be viewed as threats--by everyone, not just foreigners! Many Humans have stopped praying, cutting off the major source of their power. And because Humans have stopped praying, some placid Ayakashi have gotten aggravated and dejected, causing them to take action as well. Those that dwell in the mountains have come down, those that have slept for centuries awake...


Quelling the spirits of Ayakashi is not a simple task. And not only that, but it goes both ways. A few mistakes by ignorance, and the balance is thrown. Regaining that balance among humans and Ayakashi is no longer a likely thing in this age. At this point, it's too far gone. However, the Ayakashi with their phenomenon powers have a distinct advantage over the humans. It's too expensive to just keep calling on the Monks for help! Thus Tera technology came to be as a little scientific chip that can be installed in any weapon, device, person, or clothing.

The invention of Tera chips has imposed an even greater threat on the Ayakashi, making them nervous and more wary, but also causing more to be enraged. How could humans create something to kill them?! How dare they! However, Tera chips became somewhat of a double-edged sword being as if an Ayakashi/Tsukimono were to obtain one, they would then gain access to the rest of the world, allowing them to travel as they wish. Ayakashi aren’t the only ones being hunted… In the end, a new type of Demon Hunter was born: Alchemists with the ability to combat Ayakashi.

Despite the growing conflict between Humans and Ayakashi, there are those who were entirely unaffected, such as Shikoku as a whole. Being a tiny and fairly cut off island, Shikoku's Shogun is a placid, old-school type. Having never opened their ports to foreigners in general, they are not supportive of Alchemists, and entirely protect their Ayakashi. They will outwardly disagree with the disposal of even the most feared and vile of beasts even if it isn't their business, resulting in the scorn of many of the other Shogun.

The Shogun, each having their own custom titles, rule over each of the four islands. They have their own beliefs, their own rules, and govern their island separate from the others. Some Shogun are in cahoots with other Shogun; some Shogun hate other Shogun and desire to take over their island, etc. Wars are inevitable in this day and age. Some Shogun employ foreigners who have developed foreign weapons using their country's technology, and some even employ Ayakashi or Tsukimono to do their fighting for them. Regardless, below each Shogun are Daimyo that help rule certain cities, and below each Daimyo are samurai/ninja/soldiers/etc. that they command. Daimyo can even have entire Demon Hunter guilds at their beck and call or perhaps Ayakashi themselves.

As for the rest of the world, it's pretty much exactly what you would expect it to look like today: a bustling, overpopulated, metropolitan of famine, disease, and hikikomoris. So do the math and look outside; it's crawling with plot!

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