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Derocha, Ayden {WIP} Empty Derocha, Ayden {WIP}

Post by Ayden Derocha on Wed May 28, 2014 2:19 pm

CASE FILE: Demon Hunter
Derocha, Ayden {WIP} HwOWfns Derocha, Ayden {WIP} WcZw1PODerocha, Ayden {WIP} WAkOoG9
"At least my death wish will come true."

       FULL NAME:
       → Ayden Xavier Nathaniel Derocha

       → "The Last Serpent", "The Grey Hunter", "Silent Fang", "The White Ripper"

       → 32

       → Male

       → London, England

       → English-German

       → Magi

       → 14th May, 1882


       → 6' 3"/191 cm.

       → 15 stone/96 kg.

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Derocha, Ayden {WIP} T9EZzHg

       → The Last Serpent stands with a solid, slender, although somewhat muscled build. He values athletics more than tests of pure strength, and speed is a valuable asset in his line of work. He has long, shoulder-length, grey-silver hair (dyed for recognition), with two lustrous blue eyes, thin eyebrows, and sharp pupils. He dresses in a long, black trenchcoat, over that, a trailing, ever-so-slightly tattered cloak, and underneath it all, wears a fairly simple tight black sleeveless vest, and a pair of black, tight trousers, and shiny boots, spiked at the heel.

Underneath his clothing, he has two gunbelts, crossing over his waist, a pair of shoulder holsters, and one at each ankle, although they may not always be full. His main two armaments stay at his side. When not on a job, Ayden's mannerisms are very careful, and everything he does is very well-thought out. Every step, every touch, every movement, when he actually executes it, he's never thinking about it, he's always three steps ahead. Ayden swings towards discretion and usually wears black clothing if he's not donned his trademark garb.

A single scar trails over the left side of both lips, just emerging from the top and bottom of the pair. His voice is suave and quiet, and he only raises it when he thinks it necessary, having learnt to adjust and work in silence; although he enjoys grandiose, and noise, when necessary, can indeed be enjoyed. Ayden moves slowly, and aims to present himself as very much a horrific, terrifying, impending figure; he will move slowly, surveying his enemy, until the very moment that he makes a move. When he does, the person on the receiving end will either have to be incredibly lucky or incredibly skilled if they want to get back up again.

When his clothing is shed, a pair of tribal, almost sword-like designs, handle, guard, blade, and all, cross over on his back, the points just barely visible at the base of his neck.


       → Before any more ground is made, it must be realised that Ayden is without any shadow of a doubt, a thoroughly clear sociopath.

It is, however, the multiple levels of this particular affliction's depth - and, trust me, it is deep - which show him as an incredibly complex sociopath, admittedly. Beyond simply manic depression, it can be seen that he is a coin of more than simply two sides, as we will come to soon realise. Ayden is mysteriously two-faced, and enjoys maintaining grand, false charades composed of a complex net forged of dozens, if hundreds, of little white lies. Lying gets the blood running; it allows you to experience something you never have before, and if you succeed with snaring something in the net, all the better.

Whilst admittedly a man of many facets, at the top of his multi-layered exterior lies a brilliant grin, a level of near-unparalleled intelligence, and altogether a charming, if slightly off-putting, man. Ayden appears to be a natural linguist, and constantly thrives to learn more, and will perhaps hint – in a convoluted manner – towards his lust for power, which stems from his childhood issues. Materialistic and envious to a T, Ayden shows signs of every one of the seven deadly cardinal sins of Catholicism. It is presumed that his emotional development has been totally stunted, either due to his training as an assassin – courtesy of Geoffrey Heart – or perhaps his father. Early developmental issues show several viable causes for his development into a modern-day sociopath. He cares for no-one, and makes no attempt to hide it; he’s very much a snake in the grass, a deadly master of disguise waiting for the exact moment to strike.

He sees the world through kaleidoscopic glasses. Everything is so colourful, and so beautiful; yet twisted, in his eyes. It’s as if they’re shattered yet still functional; his sight and judgment has been corrupted, and he appears to be almost childish in his ideas of vengeance and payback, very hard to actually anger, although this is most likely another facade. Ayden is an expert at hiding his true emotions, not really being sure of them himself, and not having enough time alone to properly reflect on them. Beneath this level, however Ayden is very much a bitter maniac. Whilst not as prone to depressive fits as most people, Ayden realises that the world is truly actually somewhat harsh, and a man of his ability should go out of his way to... show off. Such is his reason for taking upon himself the mantle of the assassin.

Ayden sees the world from a ‘knowledge is power’ point, and for this, constantly strives to learn more. His training with weaponry makes him multi-talented and a superior marksman, on a parallel with most militant snipers; as well as proficiency with blades and other weapons. Give him something, be it blunt, sharp, or loud, and he’ll make use of it. Especially if it’s explosive. Explosives and guns are a penchant of Ayden’s. He loves the idea of taking a new shooter down to ‘the range’ – actually being the nickname for the site of his next mediocre contract – and looking for a challenge. He constantly improves and develops his arsenal, always ready for the next gun/blade to join his many-faced set.

Ayden continuously looks for the next challenge; perhaps it’s a male thing, but he constantly wants to test himself, and constantly strives to get better. Perhaps this is good for the psyche, but with a job such as Ayden’s, it gets destructive fairly quickly. He does look for contracts which require him to TRY; and not just have fleet upon fleet of guards thrown at him. Whilst quick and efficient is a fun warm-up, nothing compares to a grand fight, worthy of an epic retelling, where the viciously handsome assassin manages to turn the tables and win in the end. After all, he’s alive, isn’t he?

Ayden is very much an advocate of psychological torment and warfare. He believes not that torture is a necessary evil, but not an evil at all. He views it as an activity of endearment; in some twisted, macabre way, he believes that he’s merely showing his concern for how a person treats ‘others’, often being the cause for scenes of self-reflection for some people, although very painful. Ayden likes to believe he’s just a violent therapist. Alongside this, Ayden seems to bear traits of being a ‘chessmaster’ or ‘puppeteer’. He enjoys manipulating people, all the while preserving his magnificence until the last possible moment, where he chooses to flaunt it; he loves the sight of people bending over backwards thanks to his will and his alone.

Giddy and bubbly when sated, Ayden experiences not joy, but highs from killing. It is his number one pastime, and Ayden has many a time compared himself to an artist, musician, writer... every kill is a canvas, every job an opportunity to paint a new array of masterpieces. As well as this, he exhibits elements of something of a creatively twisted God complex, often being the nutty professor wanting to further test his new – and usually violent – undoubtedly methodical and meticulous execution move. Ayden can also reach a state of ecstasy if tainted and baited enough with the right sort of treats from someone who understands his materialistic and sadistic desires, those few who have the common sense to weave the pairs together experiencing a rare spectacle - the man reaches a totally manic state which is comparable to a child's hyperactivity for a few moments, before slowly he and his thought processes both calm down somewhat. In this sense, Ayden can be very much said to enjoy 'the little things'. He has an insatiable desire to taste the finest food, encounter the finest crafts, listen to the finest rhapsodies, etc etc. This goes hand-in-hand with his desire to create of his art; whilst enjoying films, etchings, and literature, he believes himself to the pioneer of the newest art - death.

When angered, Ayden’s destructive side quickly begins to show. He will cut down everything in his path without a second thought, and toys will quickly become obstacles. And obstacles are to be mindlessly slaughtered. With a seemingly insatiable bloodlust, Ayden is the very pinnacle of amorality. He understands little to do with the issues of ‘being human’, and deflects every psychological jab at his mannerisms and the ‘atrocities’ he commits. Ayden is simply, beneath the multiple surfaces, a confused, lonely individual, really seeking for someone to open up to – but he hates this fact, and repeatedly tells himself so in his mind; of course, he'd never reveal it to anyone else.

Whilst he is a sociopath, there's some thing what people will never grasp. One thing and one thing alone can change him; and this will be no amount of torture, discipline, or detention, nor any amount of therapy or "treatment". That’ll simply craze him further. If the madman is to be cured, he must first have his shell eased open – not cracked – by a certain individual. And all the while through, he'll defiantly sit there and spit in your face and argue that he's not the one who's "troubled" - you are.

Ayden is, without a doubt, maniacally insane. He just does an incredibly good job of hiding it, most of the time. And all in all, it’s just up to the person in question in any specific context to decide; does his brilliance outweigh his insanity?

       → Murder, overkill, firearms, firearm maintenance, hunting, tracking, good quality spirits, fine thin cigars, impressive weaponry, skill and talent, Chinese cuisine, snakes, a nice knife every now and then, hunting Ayakashi for sport, respecting his comrades and his targets

       → Religion, pacifism, weakness, competitors, rivalry, other assassins, having his kill jacked, a target escaping, his father, dogs, cats, fast food, those who idolise Ayakashi, Tsukimono, half-breeds

       → Ayden fears revealing his aspirations and wants for the future. It appears to be rather odd, but in reality he hates the idea of ever being affiliated with someone who could compromise him. Having become cold from the events in his past, he has shut down any possible friends or mates.

       → "Idolatry is for fools."


       → Three paragraphs minimum of your character's background.  Make sure to include how you became a Demon Hunter and why you are one. *How are you able to see Ayakashi?? Expand. Did you join a guild--How did you obtain your Tera?? Try to steer clear of extremely cliché drama and trauma. It is WAY too popular and rarely played out well; characters don't need horrific histories in order to be interesting. Keep the child abuse, rape, family deaths, etc. out of here as much as possible; they get old fast. Do not copy characters from any animes/mangas/etc. Make your own. You can use elements that inspire you, however create something you can call yours. Must be at least 450 words or more.


     → Ayden speaks English (cyan), Japanese (skyblue), German (darkred), French (palepurple) and Latin (crimson). Latin is only used for the Assassin's Prayer.
     → Ayden was born blind but recovered from this through the magic of a Monk in his early life.
    → Level 1 theme song is Marilyn Manson's Putting Holes In Happiness.


       → Ross.

       → None.

       → He's back, ladies and gentlemen.

       FACE CLAIM:
[b]KUROSHITSUJI[/b] - [i]Undertaker[/i] - Ayden Derocha


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