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Post by Akisame Era on Mon Oct 21, 2013 1:13 pm



No one remembers when Titans first appeared. Roughly 100 years ago, they devastated humanity to near extinction, forcing people to flee behind walls that were being built at the expense of other human lives. The gory past long washed away, letting a relative peace settle over the districts constructed behind the wall. Two other walls followed, richer and more higher class people, moving into further protection from the vile beasts roaming just outside. People forgot. So easily they forgot the horrors just outside. They were only able to see what the outside world was like when it was brought back in by the missing limbs and sunken eyes of the Scouting Legion. Even then, it was just a surface horror. It was their own fault for choosing such a dangerous lifestyle--they put their own lives at risk. It was their fault.

However, when Wall Maria fell, reality finally set it. People fled. People were eaten. Lives were changed. As Wall Rose was flooded with refugees, famine set it. Food was scarce, and people were hungry. The everyday was changed. People learned what fear was.

Five years after Wall Maria was overrun, there was a breach in Wall Rose. However, the breach was quickly taken care of via a boulder, and has yet to be repaired. All the Titans who managed to get in were taken care of, and people are finally starting to move back in.


Food is grown, harvested, and slaughtered. There are farmers tending to various crops. There are cows, pigs, goats, etc. Food is extremely more scarce in this age than it is now. There are farmer's markets, butchers, and stores with which to purchase said food, but they only have so much stock. There are no typical food stores. HOWEVER, there are convenience stores with limited supplies of packages goods like chocolate, candy, potato chips. Please note that this isn't exactly what you would expect; everything is handmade and typically cooked at home or in a kitchen. There are restaurants, but not many. There are cafes and coffee shops, but probably only one per district.


Horses. Typically. However, there had been some experimentation with old, abandoned vehicles recovered from a recon trip some time ago. Though no progress has been made. Thus, horses, carriages, and your own two feet. But hey, at least you're alive?


None. We use candles here. Candles and torches and fireplaces. Wood is very essential. And there are bonfire festivals to celebrate the use of fire.


Let's just use dollars. Keep it simple. People can also trade.  


  • Alchemy

  • 3DMG

  • Swords - There are forgers who make swords and all different kinds of sword-like items. 3DMG are also a common weapon. The blades for them are made, stowed, and issued by the government. Civilians cannot buy them or have any kind of access to them unless through illicit means.

  • Firearms or guns - Because firearms are unsuitable for dispatching Titans, they have not progressed very far technologically and are overshadowed by the 3D maneuver gear. However, they are still regularly used by the Military Police and other human-to-human security relations. The type of firearm used is based on the flintlock mechanism, where a piece of flint ignites the powder and fires the gun. Currently, rifles (or muskets) and pistols are the only firearms. Firearms are unable to kill Titans because they lack the power to punch through the nape of the neck (a Titan's weakness). Also, given a Titan's fast regeneration rate and the long amount of time it takes to reload a flintlock weapon, they are practically useless in dealing enough lasting damage to severely harm a Titan. However, they can shoot out a Titan's eyes and blind it until it regenerates them.
    {COUNTRY INFORMATION}  200px-045530258-Shingeki-no-kyojin-2078941_zps0fe7fca8

  • Signal Flares - The Signal Flare is a common tool used in the Military by the Stationary Guard and the Scouting Legion. The signal flare has a variety of uses depending on the mission. While the Signal Flare has many uses its main purpose is communication over long distances. The Stationary Guard uses it as a way to inform the higher-ranking officers how their mission is going while the Scouting Legion uses it as a way to communicate (often presence of Titans) to the rest of the legion. The ammo used depends on the mission at hand.
    {COUNTRY INFORMATION}  Signal_Flare_zps83b4a493

    The ammo the Stationary Guard uses is the following:
    Green - Mission started.
    Red - Mission failed.
    Yellow - Mission successful.

    The ammo the Scouting Legion uses for the 57th Expedition beyond the walls is the following:
    Red - Titan spotted.
    Black - Deviant-type Titan spotted.
    Purple - An emergency of some kind.
    Blue - An order to retreat.
    Green - Change direction of the formation: Fired by the commander in one direction to indicate a change in the direction, and then repeated by the relay soldiers.
    Yellow - This lets everyone know that the mission has been terminated, be it successfully or failed.

  • Canons - Cannons were the primary weapon used to engage Titans before the development of the 3D maneuver gear. Despite the ability of a cannon to blow a Titan's head off in one shot, half of all Titans will merely regenerate their heads; the only certain way to kill a Titan is to destroy the nape of its neck. Cannons are still used in static defense positions, most notably on the Walls and near gates during Wall breaches. As such, they are used most often by the Stationary Guard. The cannons contain two different rounds: pomegrenades and grapeshots. Pomegrenades are high explosive rounds used to attempt to kill a Titan by destroying the nape of the neck in the blast. Grapeshots are the more traditional cannon round and are mostly used to slow down Titan advances with their wide dispersion shots. Prior to the breach of Wall Maria, Wall-mounted cannons had limited mobility and could only fire from one point inside or outside the Wall. Later developments led to railroads encircling the entire Wall, allowing cannons to bunch together and focus fire.
    Before firing, the cannon must be solidly fixed to prevent the recoil from blowing it off the tracks. Wall-mounted cannons also possess the ability to fire directly downward, which can allow them to release punishing volleys of fire at Titans with no threat of reprisals.
    {COUNTRY INFORMATION}  180px-Untitled_zps5efb2d0b
    {COUNTRY INFORMATION}  180px-Shingeki-no-kyojin-1813129_zpsae2f06dc

  • Special Target Capture Weapon - The Special Target Capture Weapon is a tool that is developed by the Scouting Legion for the sole purpose to capture specific Titans. Each barrel has seven steel tubes, each of which has coiled wires with arrowheads at both ends. Due to 6 barrels being deployed in a normal set it only takes a few stacks to stop even a fifteen meter class from moving and only 5 or 6 stacks to make it completely immobilized.
    {COUNTRY INFORMATION}  Special_Target_Capture_Weapon_zps820ffcd2

  • Other - Like whips and axes and stuff? Sure. Make it logical. Laser beams, no. Crossbows, sure.


PM a staff member and we'll add a new section here.

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Post by Akisame Era on Sat Oct 26, 2013 1:28 pm



Flaffle was hit hard when the titans first appeared years ago. While Agania built its miraculous walls, Flaffle had no means to build walls quickly enough to protect themselves from the titans. The country was thrown into panic and chaos as human populations were devastated. When the titans first appeared, the nobility and royalty of Flaffle planned to flee to Agania and seek refuge within the Aganian King's palace. The people, when they caught word of this, were outraged that their own King and Queen would abandon them and leave them to die at the voracity of the titans. Before the nobles could put their escape plan into action, the people revolted. The mobs of angry civilians and soldiers stormed the palace and captured the King, Queen, the nobility, and all of their relatives. The mob then, putting their captives at sword point and arming them only with crudely fashioned weapons, drove the royalty and nobility into titan controlled territory where they were exiled and presumably eaten alive. This however, did little to prevent the titans from continuously devastating the towns and cities of Flaffle to the point of human extinction. However, one genius inventor and entrepreneur by the name of Jacques Lamoureux and his colleagues pooled their resources into using the one thing Flaffle was unique for to their advantage: air balloons. Before the titans, Lamoureux's invention of the hot air balloon had been discredited as merely a recreational form of transportation and not nearly as effective as travel by naval ships or horse carriage. But now with all forms of land travel useless, and no place to sail to for sanctuary, Lamoureux saw application in mass producing the hot air balloons to ferry people high into the mountains where they could build settlements that would otherwise be unreachable by humans and titans alike. While they could not save everyone, Lamoureux's armada of air balloons carried thousands of citizens into the peaks of the Gelemorté mountains over the course of several years. Temporary settlements were constructed on plateaus and small flat areas within the mountains, the Flaffians never felt truly defended from the titans. If the titans could somehow find them here, it could still be possible for them to climb the slops of the mountains and reach them. Not wanting to take chances, and relishing at the opportunity to engineer a solution, Jacques looked to the bold faces of the mountains, which were not climbable without footing and equipment. If only there was some way to construct a town against the face of a mountain, thought Jacques. Though it took over a year and several failed tests, Jacques finally devises a solution. By using explosives to carve perches and indents into the mountain face, he could create the flat room to secure a platform secured into the side of the mountain. The platforms would only be able to stretch so far outwards without threatening to collapse under it's own weight, but in theory, towns could be built lengthwise across the face of the mountain along one long series of indents. These "long cities" would not be fully realized during Jacques's time, who died before the platforms were finished, but at least lived to oversee his air balloons being used to ferry explosives, workers, and equipment up into the mountain side.

It was his son, Jean Francoise Lamoureux who put the finishing touches on and oversaw the completion of the platforms. Elsewhere, on Mont Saint Dominque, other engineers were hard at work replicating the same designs to build a permanent settlement into the coastal mountain.

30 years after titans first appeared, the platforms were finally completed and already the makings of settlements were being built upon them. 70 years since, these platform cliff-face towns have prospered into full fledged city states. Jean Francoise's improvements upon his father's designs led to the development of the airship, a fully maneuverable, sturdy, and combat ready transport able to ferry large amounts of people and goods alike and Jean's daughter, Giselle, has continued a long tradition of airship construction and improvement with the company she inherited from her grandfather and father. Under a different company and different leadership, the Flaffian settlement on Mont Saint-Dominique has also grown to exceed even Lamoureax's Aiguille du Ciel in population. And the newly formed settlement of Mont Soliel has also grown considerably under its founders, the New Horizons Pioneering Company.

Each city state is governed by elected representatives, but because the major companies of each city-state control most of the economy and resources, company shareholders and presidents hold the most power. Each city state is autonomous and the three are not united by any single government.


the territory which was formerly known as Flaffle (Pronounced Flah-fEhl) spans the valleys south of Agania from the Gelemorte mountains in the north to the coast that boarders the southern sea. Flaffle is mainly made up of verdant valleys and plains suitable for agriculture, along with temperate forests and several mountain ranges along its borders. The climate in Agania is mild to hot in the summers with mild to cool winters. The coastline has a Mediterranean climate whilst the highlands along the mountains are much colder and dry.

Aiguille du Ciel - The northernmost of the three Flaffian cities; Aiguille du Ciel (lit. Needle/Point of Heaven) is both the name of the city as well as the peak which the city is situated on. Being built on the steep southern face of the tallest peak in the Gelemorte mountains that span across northern Flaffle into Agania, Aiguille du Ciel has mild summers and freezing winters. Situated nearly 7000 feet above sea level, the air around Aiguille du Ciel is dry and frigid.

Mont Saint-Dominique - Located on the southern coast, Mont Saint-Dominique, also named for the mountain on which it was built, is situated on the cliff side of the mountain facing the sea. Being only 900 feet above sea level, the temperatures of Mont Saint-Dominique's city is much warmer and humid than that of Aiguille du Ciel. The summers at Mont Saint-Dominique are warm but mitigated by the constant cool sea breeze that pervades through the air around the southern coast. Winters are mild if only a bit nippy at times. Rainfall is a regular event and occasionally coastal storms batter the Mont, but the city is situated too high to suffer from flooding or sea damage.

Mon Soliel - Located on the island south of Flaffle, formerly known as the Republic of Cerise, Mont Soliel is situated 1200 feet high up on the face of the inactive volcano formerly known as Monte Sol but now known as Mon Soliel by its new Flaffian inhabitants. The weather in Mon Soliel is very humid and very hot, but not quite subtropical. The mountain is too far inland to enjoy a proper sea-breeze but still experiences fair amounts of rainfall and high winds from coastal storms. The winters are mild enough to rarely ever approach freezing and the summers are sometimes scorching, but its a jest of the Solien inhabitants to say "Better a tan than a case of frostbite" (Making fun of their Cielien cousins.)


Ah, but what is Flaffle without its fine cuisine? The three cities of Flaffle are each known for their fine food that they make a point of trading with other cities and countries. With their ability to travel through the skies, it is far easier for Flaffians to retrieve ingredients for cooking. Mont Saint-Dominique in particular is especially well stocked with supplies, more so than the Soliel or Ciel. Being situated on the sea, fishers in airships can catch fish, crabs, and other types of seafood and bring it back to the city to be put on the market or traded to other cities or countries. The people of Mont Saint-Dominque also make use of their fair and warm weather to grow various small crops such as wheat and barley, but are severely limited on space that can be used to grow these crops. Special artificial greenhouses are used to house crops all over the city, but it is barely enough to sustain the population without the inclusion of fish, which they are able to obtain in greater quantities. Aiguille du Ciel is completely reliant on trade to fill its food stocks as the cold weather and barren organic resources of the Gelemorte mountains are poorly suited for sustained crops. Mont Soliel, however, has experimented recently with trying to till farmland on the tops of plateus in La Cerise only accessible via air travel. It has yet to be seen if these developments could revolutionize the circulation of food in the Flaffian city-states. For now, the city-states of Flaffle rely heavily on trade with other settlements for crops and for livestock which they have no room to raise.

Alcoholic beverages are also very popular in Flaffle. Both Mont Soliel and Mont Saint-Dominique produce the wine and champagne which Flaffle had been world renown for before the titan attack. Aiguille du Ciel is poorly suited for raising the grapes needed to produce wine, so instead they often import it from their sister city states. However, Aiguille du Ciel does make its own spirits, usually from what hardier plants it can grow in its greenhouses: primarily wheat, barley, and potatoes to be distilled into whiskey, beer, and other spirits. They also distill wine into brandy often in Ciel, and Cieliens in general are known for drinking harder stuff than their cousins.


Almost all forms of transportation in the Flaffian city-states is done so by air. The city states of Flaffle are built into the sides of mountains using airships to deploy explosives to carve out a perch for the foundations of the city. From there, a platform is built using advanced metal welding techniques to create structurally sound support systems to hold the massive platforms alongside the city. Because they are built into the side of a mountain, Flaffian cities are often very long, running alongside the mountain it was built into, and also very narrow, being unable to protrude too far from the mountain's face. Flaffians use airships of various sizes for long distance travel to reach other cities. Flaffian airships are designed much like naval vessels, but modified to be light enough to be carried via massive hot air balloons rather that water buoyancy. The hot air balloons are positioned much like sails on a regular ship and are used primarily to adjust the ship's altitude. Wide regular sails on the sides of the ship are used to steer the ship, which would just float aimlessly with just the balloons attached. Most airships are quite large, mean for cargo and freight transport. Medium size ships, called frigates and corvettes are mainly used for scouting, patrol, and exploration, and are about 20 to 50 feet in length from bough to stern.

Smaller craft are usually limited to basket type hot air balloons used for simple civilian use. Flaffian soldiers are trained using Battlegliders, the Flaffian answer to the Aganian 3DMG. Flaffian glider pilots use agile hang gliders equipped with tanks of compressed gas to increase or decrease speed and altitude at quick, efficient rates. These gliders are the primary way for Flaffian scouts to combat titans or access areas that airships are unable to reach.

The final Flaffian transport is actually merely a parachute basket, in which one or two people sit in a basket and drop to the ground via parachute. This is both a way to abandon fall airships safely and to drop people to the ground from an airship when it is called for.


Flaffians mainly use steam and coal based engines with coal and natural gas being their primary sources of energy. ADD WINDMILLS JOKUN.


The Flaffian city-states are heavily a trading economy that relies heavily on trade to sustain itself. Individually, each city only produces a portion of the resources it may need. Aiguille du Ciel possess mines from which the Flaffians get their coal, iron natural gases, and other minerals from. Mont-Saint-Dominque produces the most food (especially fish) of the city states and Mont Soliel has luxury resources in the forms of marble and silver, as well as its own crop economy. But on order to fully support themselves, the city states must not only trade with one another, but also must trade with other countries (such as Agania).

Flaffle's economy is primarily dominated by three major companies: Lamoureux Exploration and Industries Co. in Aiguille du Ciel; the Bouchard South Maritime Trading Company; and de Nouveaux Horizons Pioneering Company in Mont Soliel. Each controls a monopoly on it's city state's resources and is the primary power behind trade for their city state.


  • Airships and Cannons - The primary military might behind the Flaffian city-states are its airships. Most all frigate class airships are equipped with a dozen to 16 cannons on either side of the ship with various ammo types used for various situations. Most ammo has been modified to fight titans, mainly through scatter shots, but traditional high velocity cannon balls are still carried for rare confrontations with hostile humans. The rare battle between two Flaffian airships is often decided by whichever is first to destroy the other's air balloons and send it plummeting to the ground. Despite rivalry between the companies that control the economics and government of Flaffle's city states, warfare is avoided to prevent the loss of already scare resources and lives.

  • Firearms - Most flaffians soldiers carry flintlock rifles and pistols. While they are useless against titans, they're mainly used to keep order amongst humans

  • Swords and battlegliders - Like the Aganians, the primary weapon against titans is a blade. But because Flaffians do combat against titans from the air, such as a single soldier on a battleglider, it is difficult to use a sword while in flight. To remedy this flaw, Lamoureax Co. developed the most recent model of the battleglider with blades built directly into the frame of the glider. Using a trigger mechanism on the handle of their glider, a pilot may activated the blades which eject and protrude from the tips of the wings. This way the pilot may dispatch a titan while maintaining full control over their glider and also keep at wingspan's distance from the titan to avoid colliding with it's body. The speed and altitude of the glider may be adjusted through gas canisters attached to the bars of the glider and can be tilted by rotating the grip of the bar forward or backward and can be activated by squeezing the grip. Aiming these wing-tip blades and approaching a titan's neck at the right angle and momentum however, is very difficult and takes months, even years of training to master.

(Credit Jokun)

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