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Magnus, Saizen

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Magnus, Saizen  Empty Magnus, Saizen

Post by Keikoku Shinkai on Thu Oct 24, 2013 1:07 am

CASE FILE: Aganian Militant/Alchemist
Magnus, Saizen  2nixn42 Magnus, Saizen  2nixn42Magnus, Saizen  2nixn42
Hail to the king, baby

       FULL NAME:
       → Stryker Magnus

       → 20

       → Male

       → Trost is where I came from.


       → Combat

       → Scouting Legion

       → February 27, 830


       → 6' 1''

       → 195 pounds

Magnus, Saizen  500px-Gajeel.Redfox.fullMagnus, Saizen  Gajeel-Redfox-3-fairy-tail-34959127-646-704_zps3d744032Magnus, Saizen  Gajeel_Redfox_GMG

       →Stryker is a very imposing man. It is not unusual for him to be avoided all together. The first thing that is very noticeable is the over abundance of piercings, which make up his SAAD. The first set is three piercings on each eyebrow, and instead of eyebrows, these piercings serve as them. The next batch run down both sides of his nose, with four on each side. He has three piercings in a row in both ears, and a row of four studs in each forearm. Coupled with his long, raggedy black hair that reaches the bottom of his back, he is a very scary looking dude.

He has very dark hazel eyes, almost red in nature, and has a fair skinned complexion. He is very muscular due to his military training. He never wears the traditional Garrison uniform as it can't handle his brand of alchemy. As such, he is never seen wearing anything with sleeves. He generally wears a dark navy muffler around his neck, the ends horribly tattered. He wears a large black overcoat that is zipped closed until the waist, as it then flares out, the ends also horribly tattered and mangled. He wears loose fitting uniform pants, beige in color, as he was told he had to wear at least one article of clothing of the uniform. As per usual, he wears black steel toed boots that extend up his calves, as his pants are generally tucked in. His appearance overall generally makes people uneasy, and he doesn't give two shits either way.


       → Stryker is a very brash and agitatedl individual. He doesn't use formality for starters, and will use manners in an almost begrudging way. He has never enjoyed people's company, due to his nature as an alchemist. He always believes he is being judged and can not stand people who stare or gawk at him.
He doesn't like cowards that would rather run from Titans, and believes that a future comes to those who fight. He doesn't take kindly to people who run away from a problem, and will show this by cursing and breaking things.

Despite his hostile attitude, he truly does care for people who place their trust in him. He has loads of respect for people who show loyalty and kindness despite the pressures of the world they live in. Of the few friends he really has, he would throw his life away for them in a moment's notice. People who make an effort to make the world a better place have high standings in his book, and those that hurt people without regard deserve to be eaten by titans. Under his hostile and anti social mask, he really just wants the best for people, and is why he join the Scouting Legion

He hates titans with a passion. If he was ordered to stay behind and fend off titans, the only concern he would have is how many could he kill before being eaten. He believes that everyone that joins the military should be ready to put their lives on the line, every time, without fail. He would rather die in a ditch than cower behind the walls. Although he doesn't really seem to get along well with the other members of the scouting legion, he has lost many friends to titans, and shows his sadness through solitude and silence, which is a strange sight, given his brash temper.

Overall, he is a loud mouthed, brash asshole, yet is truly an individual dedicated to others.

       → Alchemy, steak, napping, killing titans with alchemy, dogs, his comrades

       → Rain, spiders, cowards, wallists, defeat, any clothes with sleeves

       →The regret I have for my mother's death.

       →I idolize no one


       → Stryker was born in Trost District to a mother and father in the year 830. It was in the winter and was very cold. Stryker's mother was a shop worker in Trost and his father was a member of the Scouting Legion. His father died very early in his life, so early that he doesn't even remember his name. Stryker never asked his mother for his name for that matter. He lived with his mother and did what was needed of him. Saizen was more into books than going outside and playing with the other kids. He didn't have any friends because of that.

Stryker was given everything his father had owned. His mother always said how he brought home old books from outside the walls, each with their own stories or own pictures of days past. Stryker would regularly go through the dusty old books in the cellar from time to time, marveling at the world outside the walls. Stryker took real interesting in a special book, however. It was a book on alchemy, more specifically, metal shaping alchemy. Stryker would lock himself away in his room at night after dinner, lying to his mother about what he was doing. He would read the book over and over again, with all the formulas and and diagrams fascinating him. He remembered how excited he was when he read that it was rare for a human to use alchemy, and he managed to use it in his room! He would make small figurines of birds and horses for fun to entertain himself.

In his excitement, he almost forgot that he was supposed to keep it a secret. After showing his mother, he was scolded harshly, and called a monster. He could never feel happy after that. His mother was all he had, and she called him a monster. He isolated himself from her. He hated the world. He wanted to go out and explore it, and escape the cruelty of humanity. Sadly, the cruelty of titans only existed outside.

He remembered a lone rainy day back when he was about 12, when he first experienced true pain. He only remembered sitting in his room, making a knife with his alchemy when his door opened, and two MP's stood there. He was taken by them, as his mother had been paid to hand over her son for "research". He could only curse at his mother as she had tears in her eyes. He never saw her again until he came back to Trost.

He was one of the first to be implanted with the SAAD. He was implanted with 28 different SAAD studs to manipulate his metal alchemy. 3 in each eyebrow, three in each ear, four on both sides of his nose, and four in each arm. It was the most pain he had ever experienced. No painkillers. None. He was angry at the world. That humans would do this to him. For the next 5 years, he stayed in Wall Sina and honed his alchemy in private, and was supervised by the military. He had enrolled, graduated at number 7 in his class. He had joined the military like he wanted to. He had made friends in camp, although small in number. He forgot about his grudge on humanity and his mother. He decided that he wanted to save humanity and give them a home out in the world, so that what he experienced wouldn't occur ever again, and fear wouldn't cause humanity to risk everything to win. The officials that really hoped that he would join the MP were given a big fuck off when he joined the Scouting Legion. He thought it was hilarious.

He did what he had to do. He was a valuable asset with his alchemy in killing titans, and he rose in the ranks to Senior Team Leader. He felt like his old man. It was almost kinda funny.

Stryker could only remember the horror he felt when he returned back to Trost after hearing it was attacked by titans. He had rushed back as fast as he could, as he could only grimace at the remains of those that had been eaten. HE couldn't contain his regret and tears as he looked on at the remains of humans that had been vomited. A large ball of bile, with the face of his mother sticking out of it along with other people he knew. He now turned his grudge outward at titans. He could only wonder now if his mother still thought he was a monster, or if she was the one that truly got him into the military, like he wanted. After the cleanup, he took off for a week and was no where to be seen, as he wanted solitude. After his grieving, he returned back to the Legion, ready give it his all, his anger seething.


     → Doesn't like his eye brows being mentioned
    → Has a soft spot for dogs
    → Likes to make figurines with his alchemy

     →Speaks Aganian(crimson), thoughts are italicized


       → Shinku


       → Let's Rock

       FACE CLAIM:
[b]Fairy Tail[/b] - [i]Gajeel Redfox[/i] - Saizen Magnus

       → Black Steel


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Keikoku Shinkai
Keikoku Shinkai

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Magnus, Saizen  Empty Re: Magnus, Saizen

Post by Keikoku Shinkai on Thu Oct 24, 2013 1:08 am

Keikoku Shinkai
Keikoku Shinkai

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Magnus, Saizen  Empty Re: Magnus, Saizen

Post by Akisame Era on Fri Oct 25, 2013 11:45 am


Trost is where you can from? ;P

For level two, I want to see some personality development since it's a little basic right now and very Gajeel-ish, however, I'm sure it'll grow. Cause we all like starting small, right!?

All in all, I LIKE HIM. <3

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-Case File-
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Magnus, Saizen  Empty Re: Magnus, Saizen

Post by Keikoku Shinkai on Fri Oct 25, 2013 12:21 pm

You got it
Keikoku Shinkai
Keikoku Shinkai

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Magnus, Saizen  Empty Re: Magnus, Saizen

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