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Period References For Writing

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Period References For Writing

Post by Akemi on Thu Oct 24, 2013 9:24 am

Hey y'all. I think the site's really coming together, and then I found these old links I had saved and thought I'd share them as tools for everyone. Since the technology and whatnot in Agania is about what it was in Victorian and Edwardian eras (with a few changes here and there), these two sites may be useful to players in their posts if anyone wants to include little things for accuracy, or just get a broader view on things.

This first link is on Victorian-era medicinesMedicines and surgery has changed a lot in just hte last hundred years, but this will help show what more common people would have handy, what they'd do, and what things you'd expect from the local druggist or doctor.

The second link is probably the most useful thing I've found. It's called Writer's Dream Tools, and for good reason! It sorts the world by decade, and highlights discoveries, important people, advances in medicine and technology, even popular slang and entertainment. Now, everything they list won't be applicable to this site, but I did think it'd be helpful since it also talks about technology and what's available, and it's a bit easier than scouring Wikipedia for hours.

Hope someone finds these helpful in their posts. <3



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Re: Period References For Writing

Post by Akisame Era on Fri Oct 25, 2013 11:09 pm

Oh sweeeeet! Hey Shu if you study up on that stuff, maybe you can even write us an info page about it! That would totally rock!

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