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Post by Akisame Era on Sun Oct 20, 2013 2:09 am


{TITAN INFORMATION} 350px-Maru1369501858577_zps5b1a5d55

Titans (巨人 Kyojin) are the primary antagonists. They are a mysterious race of humanoid giants that appeared roughly 100 years ago, and rapidly exterminated humanity to the point of near extinction. Their origins, overall numbers, and how their physiology works remains a mystery at this point in the story.


Titans greatly resemble human beings in that they are bipedal creatures with the same number and arrangement of limbs and features one would expect in human beings. They are all deformed by human standards to a greater or lesser degree, ranging from minor abnormalities in proportions (enlarged head, small limbs etc.) to apparently lacking skin and subcutaneous tissues, although they do not bleed from such deformities, indicating that they perhaps possess some other mechanism to compensate for this. The vast majority of Titans are masculine, although all Titans lack sex organs- their method of reproduction is currently unknown.

Titans almost universally possess widened mouths with an enormous number of small, square teeth. They apparently lack canines, although possibly not incisors, and use these in their primary activity – eating humans. They apparently do not possess a complete or functioning digestive tract, merely a stomach-like cavity that eventually fills up with what they swallow, forcing them to regurgitate after consuming a certain amount before being able to continue eating more humans they encounter.


Titans are compelled to seek out and devour humans for reasons unknown, as they do not derive any real sustenance from them; they did not taste human flesh for nearly a century after the walls went up, but this did not affect their activity or numbers. It should also be noted that once a Titan has filled what passes for its stomach with dead humans, it regurgitates them and continues eating more as soon as possible. They are not ordered to do so either, since without intellect they are unable to comprehend any sort of command.

It should be noted, as mentioned above, that Titans eat humans for no other apparent purpose than killing them. They ignore all other animals and any non-human forms of life. It appears to be a mere will to slay, perhaps triggered by a hormonal response of some sort. And almost all Titans act solely based on it.

Most Titans have no intelligence at all and many are simply mindless beasts, easy to trick, distract or deceive. However, some Titans, mostly Titan Shifters, possess a vast level of intelligence comparable to or exceeding an experienced and cunning human.

The most dangerous aspect of the Titans is their unpredictability. They do not follow a strict set of guidelines and have seemed to increase in abilities and attributes as the series goes on.


Titans' body structure and power source are very mysterious and they apparently violate several known laws of science, seemingly capable of spontaneously generating both energy and mass. Their extremely high level of activity and body temperature indicates the need for a massive intake of energy to fuel them, yet they apparently never need to eat at all. They do seem to become less active at night or if deprived of sunlight, and so it may be possible they draw their primary source of energy from the sun. Individual Titans seem to possess varying levels of stamina once deprived of sunlight-the captured Titan 'Sawney' became docile and near comatose after only an hour's deprivation, while fellow captive 'Bean' maintained a high level of activity three hours after last seeing sunlight.

Titans' bodies also seem unusually light for such large creatures - a severed arm is described as weighing almost nothing, and they are able to move at high speeds despite their size. Due to their size, Titans possess enormous strength and when combined with this lightness, they can put on amazing bursts of speed and agility.

In addition to their size, speed, strength and large numbers, Titans also possess incredible regenerative abilities - the only sure way to kill them is by slicing out the nape of the back of the neck. They regenerate lost and damaged body parts within seconds to minutes, Most of the time severed heads as well but it has been noted that there are rare times when the head will not regenerate. It should be noted that the vulnerable area is where the 'real' human body would be for shape-shifting Titans. After death, Titan corpses rapidly evaporate to skeletal remains, then to nothing at all.

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Post by Akisame Era on Sun Oct 20, 2013 6:12 pm


  • 3-6 Meter Class - Roughly three meters but less than 7 meters in height, these Titans tend to be more human-looking, possessing large heads in proportion to their bodies. So far, none of this type have displayed any intelligence or unusual abilities.
    {TITAN INFORMATION} 160px-3-5_Meter_Class_zps300c09a6
  • 7 Meter Class - This type of Titans have very large heads with a semi-quadrupedal, ape-like stance. Arguably the most common Titan class.
    {TITAN INFORMATION} 130px-7_m_titan_zps464498e0
  • 8-14 Meter Class - These Titans resemble humans the most. They seem to be more energetic and more fit than other titans.
    {TITAN INFORMATION} 150px-Shingeki_no_Kyojin_-_01_-_Large_36_zps24b33164
  • 15 Meter Class - Among the largest of the Titans, these Titans have more proportional bodies but with also grossly enlarged mouths.
    {TITAN INFORMATION} 100px-15_Meter_Class_zps18a87c94


  • Deviant (Abnormal or Aberrant) Type - Any Titan that displays abnormal behavior or intelligence is classed as Deviant type. Unlike most Titans which mindlessly attacks and devours humans at sight, Deviant Types often ignore nearby humans and charge to more important locations where they can do more damage. Some Deviant types actually possess noticeable deformations or certain unique abilities, like enhanced speed or agility.
    {TITAN INFORMATION} 160px-An_Abnormal_Titan_zps913c56e7
  • Wall Titans - These type of Titans have a similar appearance to the Colossal Titan and can be found inside the walls. Although they appear to be alive, they are weakened and immobile due to lack of sunlight.
    {TITAN INFORMATION} 180px-The_Wall_Titan_zpsc1800770
  • Titan Shifters - These are humans capable of transforming into Titans who have various unusual traits and skills that can be honed and directed with purpose. These Titans are usually stronger and/or faster than typical ones and retain their intelligence during a controlled transformation. They generally don't have any deformations that hinder their skills, and often resemble their human "pilot." A skilled Titan Shifter can more quickly regenerate parts of their body just by focusing, and even discard their body entirely and regain a new Titan form within minutes.
    {TITAN INFORMATION} 280px-Eren_the_Titan_Shifter_zpsce8b5225

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