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Post by Akisame Era on Sun Oct 20, 2013 2:09 am




Here is your political map of the continent. Light shaded areas with a gray label are the former holdings of a country. Areas with black labels are currently populated by humans.

The walled area of Agania is about 300 km across (roughly a bit larger than actual Germany or France). The light blue area around the dark blue wall area is what used to be all of Agania.

The light green area is what used to be Flaffle. The people of Flaffle are now limited to three major cliff-side cities on the map. The people of Flaffle get around through air ships (like, zeppelins, but with a more wooden sea-ship like deck, carried by a large oval hot air balloon instead of sails. So original, I know XD). So Flaffle will naturally have less people than Agania because it doesn't have any land area like Agania does. All the light green area is overrun with titans.

Kamahen controls all of its territory and only certain deviant titans can even swim.

Agania, even inside the walls, is mostly empty space. Populations are small because so many people died before the walls were built, and when wall maria fell.

All the gray land area is just open right now. It could be anything.

The shaded gray borders on the sides are uncharted. Its the rest of the world, basically, but I'm not including it in the map because we should just stick to this continent.



(Credit to Jokun)

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