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Wilkerson, Boo (done :D)

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Wilkerson, Boo (done :D) Empty Wilkerson, Boo (done :D)

Post by Blake West on Wed Feb 05, 2014 7:52 am

CASE FILE: Civilian
Wilkerson, Boo (done :D) 2nixn42 Wilkerson, Boo (done :D) 2nixn42Wilkerson, Boo (done :D) 2nixn42
"Are you drifting way beyond what’s normal
'Cause 'round your mind rings the words that they would say?
When you go home everything looks different,
And you're scared of being left behind."


       FULL NAME:
       → Boo Wilkerson  

       → 19

       → Male

       → Texas, America

       → American

       → 25, December, 1894 (Christmas baby cx)

       → Foreigner; Works at the prison as a correctional officer. Occasionally has to deal with rowdy prisoners.


       → 5’11

       → 162


Wilkerson, Boo (done :D) Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTftjxgiMIaoawlsZbZOeBUJ5GMWUNeQt4QEsfImo1yp6A1kWZ2
Wilkerson, Boo (done :D) Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSURzoTbot1yGzJJvGU3aJHHB1SfJs14JksnoBjSCb9qFCT7KeGJw
Wilkerson, Boo (done :D) Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSfbrddrdX-6VybHntUmigsP-0xZAvog-GGhYCZ2HzHsEDbaklR
Wilkerson, Boo (done :D) 9k=
Wilkerson, Boo (done :D) Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRFVkO0BW3TxZ8uTqsS5jDVGQMv34YOHwZgTF085znxT99Yh8Gb

       → Curious eyes peek from behind an outcrop. He probably thinks he’s hiding, but that’s rather difficult with his peculiar features. He claims the cat ears he sports atop his head are real, but upon closer inspection one would find that they were fake attachments to a headband buried beneath a mass of white hair. It would be wise to assume that he’s an albino; his skin is a creamy white color free of imperfections, though his arms have a light dusting of white hairs if anyone was to get close enough to him to check. His eyes, pinkish in color, are obviously from the lack of pigment, along with his hair. Occasionally, he’ll attach a fluffy white tail onto his belt, but it’s rare as it only really gets in his way.

He has a lean frame, though if you asked him he’d say it was cat-like. His movements also have a liking to that of a feline. Because of his obsession with the idea of being a cat, he acts a bit like one as well. His movements are lithe and quiet as he tends to walk on his toes. Thankfully, he doesn’t choose to go outside naked like a cat would. Instead, he wears simple clothing. His shirts are usually button-down, whether from his own choice or that of his “master”. His pants clash with his white theme as they range from light gray to black in color. He doesn’t care much for footwear, but at some point decided that boots were his favorite choice; specifically the kind that comes almost to his knee. He doesn’t care for the cold, and will leave the house wearing a jacket on most occasions, believing it acts as the fur coat that he once had when he was cat.


       → When Boo lived in the orphanage, he was anti-social and would keep to himself. Human contact was not something he cared for, and conversation was definitely not something he would engage in. Whenever possible he would avoid anyone and everyone. Most of the time he would even refuse to eat, just so that he wouldn’t have to sit at a table with anyone else. The staff of the orphanage began bringing his food to his room, just to ensure that he wouldn’t starve, but sometimes Boo didn’t even bother to eat it for fear that someone was trying to poison him.

After moving in with Lancaster, Boo began to open up a bit. At first he would hardly talk, let alone be in the same room as the man that adopted him. He was wary, afraid that Cas would leave him. He didn’t want to get attached and then have him leave. Cas didn’t force him to do anything that he didn’t want to do, though. In fact, it was probably the reverse psychology that got Boo to open up. Whenever Boo would enter a room, Cas would leave. Curiosity killed the cat and Boo ended up following Cas around the house.

The more Boo hung with Cas, the more he realized that he wanted to be around this man for as long as he could. Even though Cas’s bubbly personality clashed with Boo’s, Boo still enjoyed his company.  Over time, he became a lot bubblier and started acting like Cas. He’d even try to talk to random strangers that he met on the street. Today, Boo has a cheery attitude that’s full of a curiosity that often gets him into trouble. He sometimes talks a bit much, and may get on people’s nerves but it’s just because he really wants them to like him.

Boo can also be stoic, though it’s rather difficult with his childlike inquisitiveness. Sitting still is difficult for him, though he doesn’t mind taking a nap in the middle of the day. Even when confronting rowdy prisoners in his job, he isn’t completely serious. Of course, he’d claw their throat out with his specially tailored claw gloves if they tried to escape but it’s always fun to taunt them a bit.

       → Lancaster, cats, meat, taking walks, scarves, being warm, chasing things, trees, climbing, sleeping, milk, cuddling, the moon, stars, the sky in general

       → Alder, dogs, Alder, water, Alder, criminals, Alder, too many layers of clothing, Alder, being too hot, Alder, birds, Alder, Alder Finch, did I mention that he hates Alder?

       → He still harbors insecurity from his childhood and has the compulsion to make sure that everyone he meets likes him in some way. Because of this he adopted Lancaster’s bubbly attitude, seeing as to how almost everyone that meets Cas ends up liking him.

       → Lancaster Ryder


       → Being an orphan is never really all that easy. Some have it a bit easier though, when they don’t remember their parents. Which, in all actually, may or may not be better. Some claim that it’s easier to not have a face to put to one’s parents. Shadows are easier to forget, no one mourns shadows. But no one wants to be forgotten, and no one wants to forget.

Living as an orphan was no fun for Boo. Every day a new family coming into the building, walking among the children to take their pick – like someone would at a supermarket, picking over meat. For the first few years of his life there, Boo would try so hard to get someone to look his way. Every time, though, they’d look past him, to the cuter kid. Maybe they didn’t want a baby boy. Maybe they wanted someone more relaxed. Maybe they wanted someone older. Maybe they wanted someone younger. Was it his hair, white as snow? His eyes, maybe his eyes freaked them out. Maybe they didn’t want to have to worry about their son getting burned in the sun. They wanted a child they could take to the park. No matter how many scenarios he thought up, Boo still couldn’t understand why no one wanted him.  

When the orphanage adopted a litter of kittens for the children, Boo slowly began to believe that he was one of them. The way the children’s eyes lit up when they saw the bundles of fur and the way they smiled and laughed - he wanted that for himself. He craved it, any form of attention. He became obsessed with the idea that he was a kitten by the name of Boo, even refusing to acknowledge his human name. He wasn’t giving up the game. If he was a kitten, people would want to be near him. Such wasn’t the case, however. In fact, they just grew wary of him and labeled him as an outcast.

He had given up completely, by the age of 14. He only had a few more years at the place anyway before they’d toss him out on his own. As the years went on, his mental stability worsened to the point of him being antisocial. He roamed the hallways and lurked in shadows. He no longer needed people in order to be happy.  The children that clung to socialization like a lifeline sickened him. He’d watch, day after day, people leave with the kid of their choice. It angered him. He was jealous. Jealous of the families. Why did they get so easily what he had wanted for so long?

When a blue haired man came into the building alone in the middle of winter, Boo was intrigued. People normally came in the spring or early fall. They also tended to come in couples. This man was also rather young looking. He couldn’t have been much older than Boo himself. Boo was peeking from behind a corner, not much caring about whether or not he would be spotted. No one acknowledged him anymore anyway. When the blue haired man looked straight at him and smiled, though, it physically startled Boo. He would have even run away, when the man approached him, had he not been backed into a corner. When the man introduced himself and offered his hand, Boo wasn’t sure what to do. He hadn’t been in contact with anyone in so long that he did all that he knew to do; he hissed and backed up further, smacking the hand away from him. The man, Lancaster he said his name was, just laughed and declared that he wanted to take the albino kid home.

For a while, Boo was still wary of Lancaster – or Cas as he preferred to be called – and would hide in a room that had been designated as his own. Patience, though, won out. Cas never gave up on him. He’d leave food out, prepare Boo’s outfits for the day, and bring him extra blankets if he ever got cold. Perhaps it was the fact that Cas didn’t force Boo to talk to him that got the albino boy to finally open up. Their friendship, at first, was a bit strained. Small things set Boo off and he’d retreat to a far corner of the house. As time went on, Boo was able to eat breakfast with Cas, which slowly turned into something more. A bond had formed; wherever one went, the other was right behind.

Cas tried to help with the strange idea that Boo seemed to have developed with the whole cat shebang. When Cas was met with fear and uncertainty, he backed off. He knew forcing Boo out of his comfort zone would cause problems. If Boo wanted to be called by his cat name and wanted to act like a feline, then who was he to stop him? He did try to change Boo’s name once, but was met with confusion and retaliation. If he wanted to be called Boo, then so be it.

When Cas moved in with a blonde haired man by the name of Rufio, Boo was distraught. That explained why Cas had been skipping their time together on the weekend and why he sometimes came home later. Boo thought he was the one for Cas, his one and only, but he quickly learned that Cas only saw him as a child. A brother at best. Initially, Boo didn’t like the Rufio man that had taken away his love. When Alder, the man Rufio had never stopped loving, returned into Rufio’s life Rufio decided that he wanted to be with Alder more. They had “been through more together” and something Boo didn’t much care about. Boo was both happy and sad – Lancaster was free again, but he was also hurting.

Even though Rufio and Cas were no longer an item, Cas and Boo continued to live with them. Cas even helped by taking care of Alder’s son Andreas. Though there was initial hatred towards the blonde man, Boo slowly began to care deeply for him. Boo even offered his support when Rufio’s boyfriend hurt him, leading Boo to hate Alder. With Cas free in this new picture, Boo tried harder to get his master, brother, best friend to love him the same way that he loved him. His efforts proved fruitless for a while, as Cas would only stare at him and wonder why he was acting so strangely. With Cas being completely oblivious, Boo finally had to come outright and profess his feelings. And Cas reciprocated.

To do away with confusion, Boo later changed his last name to Wilkerson – the family name of Rufio. He would have loved to keep the last name given to him by Lancaster, but there’d be another time for that. Boo later grew a deep respect and familial love for Rufio while his love for Cas blossomed into something deeper and more sacred. Danny and Blake – two other housemates – are people that Boo is indifferent to. He never saw them a lot anyway. The latest news was that they had moved off towards the beach somewhere, but he wasn’t sure. Though Boo hates Alder with a fiery passion, he became good friends with the man’s younger son. Although he doesn’t hate Andreas, he hates the idea that Alder cheated on Rufio in order for his son to exist.

Today, Boo lives happily with Cas, and probably would no matter where Cas decided to go. Past the pain and angst of Alder and Rufio’s story, things around the house have been peaceful and relaxed. Everyone’s happy and things couldn’t be better. Things could always change, but Boo would much prefer that they didn’t.


     → Believes that he is a cat, or at least acts like it
     → Is an albino
     → English (orchid) and limited Spanish (orange) that Rufio taught him


       → Kaitlyn

       → No other character here.
       → Played Alaina Leclair, Alder Finch, Zayne O’Reilly, and Rhea Stevenson on MDA.

       → Technically, in the story I’m writing on AO3, Boo actually is a white cat. :p The person helping me with the plot owns Cas, he’s not mine. But we discovered that if Boo were a human we could faceclaim Clear from dmmd, as Cas’s fc is Aoba from the same game. This makes it easier to imagine Boo and Cas together as humans when their fcs are actually a thing. xp
       → I feel kind of bad making a character that hates another one of my characters XD Do you understand how hard it is to keep things straight in my head?

       FACE CLAIM:
[b]DRAMAtical Murder[/b] - [i]Clear[/i] – Boo Wilkerson
(Keep the formatting the same for simplicity please)

       → White Tiger

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