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Post by Akisame Era on Sun Mar 09, 2014 11:05 pm

Demon Hunter Guild App

Fill this out and post it in pending:

[size=18][font=courier new]NAME:[/size][font=courier new][font=courier new][/font]
→ The name of your guild.

[size=18][font=courier new]GOALS:[/size][font=courier new][font=courier new][/font]
→ Your guild's goals.

[size=18][font=courier new]ASSOCIATIONS[/size][font=courier new][font=courier new][/font]
→ Who/what is your guild associated with? A Daimyo, a Shogun, a tea shop? XD

[size=18][font=courier new]TERA:[/size][font=courier new][font=courier new][/font]
→ How does your guild make Tera and who does it distribute it to? How is a loose term; you should have some means with which to make Tera. Like a team of scientists or something.

[size=18][font=courier new]THEME:[/size][font=courier new][font=courier new][/font]
→ What is the basic theme for this guild? What brings these people together? Do you all use guns? Do you all use fire? Something like that.

[size=18][font=courier new]BASE:[/size][font=courier new][font=courier new][/font]
→ Where is your base? How often do you meet? Do you even meet?

[size=18][font=courier new]MEMBERS:[/size][font=courier new][font=courier new][/font]
→ How many members do you have? What do you look for in a member?

Upon being approved, you're going to post a detailed and prettified paragraph version of this ^ in Classifieds where people can post to join, wherein you will edit your post to include their name in the ranks if you deem them worthy. You can use the other Classified pages to create some format synergy.

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