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Post by Koyo on Mon Jun 23, 2014 5:04 am

CASE FILE: Ayakashi
Koyo (wip) 2nixn42 Koyo (wip) 2nixn42Koyo (wip) 2nixn42
“ A fox has seven forms, but a Tanuki has eight.”

       FULL NAME:

     → Koyo

       → Female

       → Chugoku

       → Japanese


     → Tanuki


       → “2,11’’

       → 18lb

Koyo (wip) Koyo_o10Koyo (wip) Koyo111Koyo (wip) Koyo_t10


     → Koyo is a red tanuki that has a very childish way of speaking along with a strong Kansai dialect. Using a formation of “ big brother” and “big sister” to describe people. She can disappear when she wants to, but not when she’s scared. Koyo likes to carry a green bag filled with her “worldly goods”. Which is: a hair pin, some leaves, a bag of cherry seeds, and a small bottle of red dyed sake. She prefers to travel in one of her human forms rather than as a tanuki. Though it is said that tanukis can transform into eight human forms, she can only transform into three so far. Even then, it’s difficult to keep a pair of ears, or a tail popping out. The three people she can transform into are a little girl with red hair, a ninja-like boy, and what looks like a pretty village woman. All three of these people she copied their looks from the shrine she used to live in. Now she uses their face to trick people or purchase food with her fake leaf-money.



     →  Two paragraph minimum of your character's personality. Do not
list traits. Be simple and concise when describing how your characters
thinks and acts and tell me WHY they act or think this way. Must be at
least 300 words or more.

       → Cherry Mochi, Red Bean Buns, Smiling people, Warm pockets ( jacket or coat), upside- down umbrellas, Teru-Bozu

       → Nabe, Lotus Flowers or shoots, knives and bald heads, Rainy days, Yelling, rocky rides.


     → Fears samurai. Her shrine was destroyed by one, and saw the same samurai injure one of her friends.


     → N/A




Koyo (wip) Spring10
In Chugoku, during spring, a little tanuki was born deep in the forest inside of a nut-tree, along with four of her brothers and sisters. Her father was of the seaside shores and had a dark, lanky coat. Whereas her mother, whom had hailed far to the north, had a russet, thick coat in which she had mostly inherited. Unfortunately, she was the only one who was born with this odd color, and had lost several games of hide-and-seek. There was no discrimination, for their beloved mother was of the same hue, in which they relied upon for delicious milk. Though as their first autumn came to be, the little tanuki pup found that if she hid in the gold and red colored trees, it would be a lot easier to win the hide and seek. Tasting victory in her first year was like tasting morning air and whisker-water.
Though it wasn’t to last, her first year. Her father and mother would transform into tall beasts, and would find food for them in their second year. The little pup was ordered, along with her brothers and sisters, to stay in the nut-tree until they returned. It was boring to wait, and it wasn’t fun to play tag in such a cramped space. So they would wonder if they could transform too. Her older brother could transform into a nut if he touched one, And her older sister could transform into a rabbit by seeing one. Though when she did, the nut-tree hold became even more cramped! Her younger-older-brother and she didn’t want to try. Fearing that it would get them in trouble. Though, when mother and father came back, and the two eldest showed that they could transform, all they did was smile in their pink-faced form. The two weren’t in trouble after all.
By that time, the four pups had a ball trying to transform into different things, but the parents warned that you could only have eight human forms. They didn’t know that it was exclusive to the family or an overall rule. All the parents told was to choose carefully. As all four of the pups fell into a pile laughing in bark-like yips, they were warned that if a human came around to the nut-tree, was to hide, and never appear as we were now or we won’t be able to come back. The youngest pup didn’t know what that meant, but it was fun to transform. She found that she could only transform if she had a leaf on her head during the transformation.
In the third year, all of the pups were fully grown and were able to fully transform, even during hide-and-seek. It was a lot more challenging and the fully-grown tanukis would constantly shift. Though, as it was every time, it was more difficult for the youngest to quickly transform, unless she had a leaf on her head. Which made it easy to spot in comparison to her mastering siblings. Finally the parents came and announced that they would go to the human village, and after such a time, the pups were allowed to find places for them to live. Or stay there, depending on what they wanted to do.
This time, they were named by numbers, for the pink-people. No, the humans really liked naming things. The pups also spoke the language of the humans, for it was the constant language when dealing with other animals, such as the badger, and the fox. Even the slug-woman with the pearled necklace spoke Japanese. Though this would come in handy as Goko and her four other siblings traveled to the not-so-far village.
All “Goko” could say, was that it was fun! She had copied a girl going the opposite way, and loved the dress that came with it. Her parents said that it was important to have at least one child form, in case you are injured, hungry, or need help finding something. Goko took this as immediate truth, as all children do. Though as a Tanuki, she was no longer a child. As they reached the village, there was treats everywhere! Food, toys, games, and the lot. It seemed that there was some sort of festival going on. She was given a mask by a vendor-man, and saw her own face! It was a tanuki festival! She looked around and all of her family had these masks. They went to a drum show, one of her siblings got to ride in a nice cart, and they even saw a puppet show. Where they foretold about the “Tanuki Tea Pot”. When the Tanuki came out with a large bag in between his legs, all of the kid-tanukis laughed joyously. One through five kids pointed at father and chanted “That’s dad! That’s dad!” Father struck a poke similar to the tanuki on the paper show, and mom covered her face with a mask while shushing us. She was laughing too.
After that was done and over with, we all went up to the shrine and paid our respects. It was a tall shrine with several statues of Tanuki, with little bowls of mochi, red beans, and various other goods. We placed our masks next to a fish we caught that morning.
It was getting late, and as we trekked into the forest to our nut-tree, Goko had a realization. “ Mom, you’re the masters of that shrine! We were paying respects to you!” Mother and father smiled and replied with a no. When asked why, they replied with: “ You’re not pups anymore, so they weren’t just paying respects to just mother and father, they were paying respect to all of us as well as all tanuki in the vicinity. The festival is too big for just one or two. Prayers, donations, and shrines give a tanuki power. As well as all Ayakashi.”
With this in mind, during the winter, each Tanuki pup all the way through one and five thought of what they would do when spring came along. Would they stay? Or find some other place to be. Even another shrine to take hold. All “Goko” knew for now, is that she wanted to see the ocean, and the new people there.

During said winter, the pups moved from the nut-tree, in which all five of them, including the little red tanuki, had spent their childhood. Instead, they had taken their new human forms and moved to an old hut, not too far from the village. The old hut contained a fire inside of the home, several tatamis, two rooms, and a tiny kitchen. It was scary at first, being in such a large area without the comfort of the worn wood against her back at night. Though, with time, Goko began to love the feel of a futon and the warmth of a chuckling fire.
With a new face came a new sense of awareness. Older sisters wanted to go out and see the village and what accessories to put on. Older brothers wanted to wrestle and play with the town kids. Even though one of them had taken the form of a newborn. With so much room, and so much newness to it all, Goko decided to stay home. Her sisters would play with her red hair, and talk about what happened that day, and her brothers would pick her up and pretend they were stealing her away in the night. Which was great fun. After a while, her brother that had taken the form of a newborn, had acquired another form of a teen that had sold goods in the village that winter. He was the first tanuki in the family to have two human forms besides their respective parents.
Even though winter was fun, it wasn’t without its hardships. The donations at the shrine had gone very low this year, and the whole family was getting tired more and more often. Her parents went to get a job, and some of her siblings went to gather food in the forest, where they knew the area best. The others would sit in their original forms and keep the fire going. Goko, being the youngest-looking, wasn’t allowed to have a job. Though that didn’t stop her from visiting the shrine every day.
Goko didn’t know if it would help to pray to her own shrine, but she knew that it was the only thing she could do to keep her family energized. Even if it was for a little while. Every morning and night, she would gather food in the forest and pray to the large shrine. Leaving the food for another tanuki to take. Of course, making sure that it was under plenty of shelter, for fear of whatever she picked up that day, would get soggy. One of those mornings, when it was especially chilly, came a young man and a ramen cart. Which had set shop at the bottom of the steps. He grinned at her from ear to ear, and her in kind. Though she didn’t buy anything, for even leaves in good condition were hard to come by. In which she would transform to make coins. Even then, he looked far too kind to do so.
Every morning she saw that cart set up, and every night she saw him shut down. Finally she asked why he would come here where hardly anyone comes along. The early morning air poofed out of his mouth like a flour-dragon when he laughed. “ Stay here awhile and you’ll see.” So she sat down on a stone step and waited for why he continued to stay there. As the cold air slowly turned warmer, she saw several people go up and down the stone steps, buying ramen in each turn. She couldn’t believe how many there were compared to last week! After a long rush of bodies had ended, she jumped from her seat and scurried to the ramen-man. “ So the shrine isn’t dead after all!” she cried. He nodded solemnly, that grin still stuck on his face.

“When times get hard for the tanuki shrine, some of the locals ask me to set up shop here. It won't improve immediately, but it certainly gets better with time. You just have to have faith. Like what you were doing little lady, you just didn’t realize it after a while. “
And with that, he shut down his ramen stand early that day. Surely to come back tomorrow with even more bowls of hot soup. Though Goko could have sworn that a brown and black tail was poking out of his kimono. Though she left it at that. If a tanuki didn’t want to be seen, it was rude to point them out.
With that simple gesture, Goko knew what she wanted to do when summer rolled around. She wanted to help somebody of need, and give thanks even in the guise of human form. Her caring and sweet outlook helped further this, and even her siblings, when she told them of her story, thought it was a good idea as well. A few of them laughed at how the ramen-man had his tail poking out. “ It’s like Goko when we play tag!” She turned to them, pouting “ Hey! It’s hard keeping them in!” The whole family laughed yet again.
With the small shrine famine over, and the snow melting off of the front steps, feet were getting antsy to go out and explore. Her older sister and brother left first, her younger brother left to be a monk, and her other sister decided to stay and woo men during rainy nights. With Goko, she picked up her worldly goods first. She would have a hair pin, from her sisters, and a nice collection of leaves, in case she needed to stay the night somewhere. It took quite a bit of courage to step out of the old village and relinquish the extra power from the shrine. It would be a bit more difficult to take form from here on out.


     → Anything else you want to add? Random trivia, information on an illness or disability your character has, etc.
     → Japanese (Kansai)


       → Koyo

       →  1st Character


     → I’ll be updating this character regularly in terms of personality, growth, and it’s abilities

FACE CLAIM:My character. I drew it.




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