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Shunou, Akemi  Empty Shunou, Akemi

Post by Akemi on Sat Aug 29, 2015 1:34 am

CASE FILE: Tsukimono
Shunou, Akemi  2nixn42 Shunou, Akemi  2nixn42 Shunou, Akemi  2nixn42
”Is it that things really change, or does the outside rearrange? Is perception genuine, or does truth lie deep beneath the skin?”

        Shunou Akemi
        → Shunou Akemi
        → Tsukihana

        → 18

        → Female
        → Female

        BIRTH PLACE:
        → Numazu, Honshu
        → The sea

        → Japanese

        → Ningyo

        → Same-being Entity

        DATE OF BIRTH:
        → May 28, 1997


        → 5'0”

        → 100 lbs

Shunou, Akemi  2qbb2wg

        → Like many girls her age, Akemi is not very tall and has a very slender build with lithe, delicate features. She is a graceful creature with very poised movements, and when not in front of casino guests Akemi is quiet and thoughtful, enjoying the company of the natural world around her more than human company. All her life her grandfather took great care to never see his girl injured or marred, and so Akemi's very, very pale skin remains virtually scar-free with only the faintest hint of a line on the left side of her throat. She takes great care to keep her face clean and her skin soft, nightly applying special salves and oils to counteract the drying sea air and often smells of ginger and jasmine.

Akemi's dark black hair is very long, and always neatly kept and shines from the oils she puts in it regularly. When down her hair easily falls to her knees, but is almost always kept up in two neat pigtails high on her head. They are twisted into wide loops and pinned back to her head with combs, the last two feet of hair left to dangle down past her shoulders, mostly out of the way. Akemi loves wearing jeweled combs, her most treasured a jade comb with flowers inset to it made of mother of pearl.

Unlike most Japanese girls, Akemi's eyes are neither brown nor black or some blend between them. They are, instead, a very uncommon and deep blue, like the sea at night. At a glance they could be black, but upon closer inspection the dark blue tones can be seen. They are quite pretty, though a little unsettling, and fortune-tellers have commented that blue eyes have too much water in them and can lead to no good for herself or those around her. Despite their shadowy forecasts, Akemi's smile is bright and good-natured, and when she isn't working her clothes are very toned-down and rather plain, leaving the kimono with fancier patterns to dazzle the silly foreigners who expect a show. When she is working the casino, either as a dealer or entertaining guests with singing or playing her kokyu, Akemi is dressed more flashy, her kimono with ornate patterns and wearing delicate jewelry all over.

Akemi's smile in front of customers is coy and playful, matching the boisterous persona she puts on to encourage them to keep playing, and her voice is very sweet. She is highly observant and has a knack for reading those playing with her, feeling much more empathetic to those she knows need the little bursts of “good luck” than those who can spare it. On her own and around family her smile is still friendly and playful, but is much more reserved and sincere, Akemi relaxed and comfortable in her place in the family.


        → Loyal and sweet, Akemi is a loving and obedient granddaughter and genuinely cares about those around her. Those who know her best could almost argue that there are two of her, one reserved specifically for when she is working as a dealer and entertaining casino guests, and the other the sweet girl that they know her to be. She is playful and cheery, and in her village known for her kindness to others. Akemi is not a naive girl, but she genuinely dislikes seeing suffering in others and so will do what she can to help those who ask her. Many times she has gone with strangers in order to help with some favor, even though Akemi knows very well that times are changing and that such a thing isn't always a safe thing to do.

Akemi is quite smart and observant, and enjoys watching those around her and seeing who they are underneath their masks. Over the years of hiding herself and seeing the many people come and go from the casinos, she has learned very well that not everyone is as they appear or try to convince others they are and she takes great pride in taking time to learn who that person really is if she can. A good mystery and puzzle will occupy her like a long game of Go. She is also a girl who enjoys quiet time to herself (given how rare it is), and would happily spend all day in the gardens talking to the flowers and leaving offerings to neglected shrines to appease any kami or ayakashi who may feel slighted. She feels much more at home in nature and near the water than around many people, even though she may care for them greatly. Her neighbors have always noted that Akemi was a slightly strange child, but have learned to dismiss her oddities as much as they can to focus on Akemi's better qualities. She does hear the gossip of older ladies who comment that Akemi will never be a suitable bride, but she has learned to ignore such comments, happy to be helpful to her family and friends.

During working hours, Akemi is exactly how customers expect she should be: boisterous and playful with a coy smile and a teasing charm that leaves them all wanting (and betting) more. Akemi is a hard worker, despite her carefree and playful attitude. She pretends to be coy and flirtatious for the sake of business, finding that a smile and flash of her shoulder makes the guests more likely to bet more, and she keeps her playful teasing modest though she has to try not to laugh or grin when they've lost (especially if they've been very rude). She up-sells the sake and sweet talks the gentlemen, goading some into telling her their troubles and woes as others promise her the rich life of a princess if she leaves the village with such a wealthy man as he. Arrogant and boastful men often leave the casino in shame, Akemi using her talents to both teach them a little lesson in humility and take care of the people she cares about. Akemi doesn't really see how she rearranges the dice as cheating since to her the end justifies the means and she does it for good reasons. She has her own moral code about it that she will not violate. Akemi will not cheat innocent people who cannot spare the money, and she never keeps more money than is needed for her family's business. They are not in the market to be the village's biggest hot spot, nor does she want to attract trouble by their success. Akemi is mindful of this and so makes a mental effort to let some clients win; about two in ten players will win their games against Akemi, and sometimes she does tire herself out in a night and loses concentration.

By letting some win they will return and with more friends, thus keeping the business going. Akemi will play fair games with some customers, usually village locals who only come to play casually and bet small money, and sometimes strangers whom she just wants to test. Though many losers have accused Akemi of cheating, none have been able to prove it; even when they make her play with their own loaded dice and she still wins they cannot prove how and simply leave it to the girl being extremely lucky.

Despite her occupation and any preconceived notions about her as such, Akemi is a very honest and virtuous young lady, and does her best to be someone good that others can depend upon. Akemi often gets her way, but given her sweet and generous nature it's never given second thought. She states that she knows she's quite spoiled rotten, though her cousin and grandfather will say that if she's rotten, it's like a persimmon and only gets sweeter with age. Few kindnesses are given to her that she will not share, and if she has enough of anything for herself then she has more than enough to share. Akemi will not hesitate to step up and do what she feels is right, whether it means selling her bracelets to buy rice for another or swimming through storms to save a drowning person. Nobody outside of her family know about Akemi's talents or tsukimono and she is constantly warned that friends and neighbors may turn on her if they knew and cast her out as being cursed, no matter how much in the past she had helped them. Akemi is afraid of the foreigners and knows that they hunt ayakashi, both good and bad, and are quick to kill what they don't see as right.

However, still waters run deep, and regardless of the cheery smile those around her see, Akemi is a girl with a lot on her mind. Her emotions run strong and deeply, and like the ocean can be somewhat volatile beneath the surface. Akemi can be very stubborn and when she puts her foot down it's nearly impossible to change her mind, and if something threatens what she cares about it will take a great deal of effort (and usually Yoshii) to keep her from opening her mouth and overstepping her bounds. Life is precious and Akemi isn't violent, but given only two options, she will step forward to defend her family and home by any means necessary. Though she is repulsed by the idea of her sisters eating humans, they insist that some day she will succumb to the same hunger and find it delicious and a part of survival; she has frightened herself deeply knowing that she has called on her sisters to come to her rescue by grisly means, but does not regret that instinct, which frightens her even more. She wonders constantly if she is losing her humanity or simply adapting to the world around her responsively, and the idea of turning on her cousin and grandfather has caused her more than a little lost sleep. There is also so much that Akemi is afraid of in this suddenly-changing world. She knows part of what the future holds for her, but as such Akemi is very afraid that she will live a sad and eternal life, that she will die at the hands of a demon hunter, or that she will be caught and kept as some sick trophy by foreigners who love rare things. Akemi is afraid that there will be no place for someone like her in the world that is suddenly moving so fast, and other than smile to carry though another night she honestly doesn't know how to cope with it all at once.

        → The sea, sesame balls, squid ink noodles, cold somen noodles, singing, full moons, the rare quiet time to herself, pearls, fish, flowers that haven’t been cut yet, playing her kokyu, swimming, pearl diving, chocolate, the sound of waves breaking, fresh melon, tiger lilies, cooking, she adores her cousin

        → Fire, being deprived of water for too long, very dry days, the sudden influx of technology (it doesn't feel right), how rude the foreigners are, people who try to push her grandfather into selling the casino, people intentionally hurting others, guns, ruined shrines, Yakuza

        → While Akemi knows demon hunters and foreigners are dangerous for the obvious reasons, she is also afraid of her own people discovering she is possessed by a Ningyo. Eating the flesh of a Ningyo is said to bring eternal youth, and humans are very greedy, selfish creatures. She herself is also afraid she will live forever, and because of it be left all alone.


        → A betrothal and a betrayal. A final night spent in the arms of a lover not destined to have the woman who loved him that resulted in a baby that didn't belong to her mother's new husband. A lover slain, a wife punished, and a baby girl cursed and thrown into the sea to drown. For all anyone knew, that was where that baby's story and life ended, and it would have been the case had something very lucky not happened.

The moon was full and the stars were bright, and no fishermen were out in their boats to get in the way and bother them. Three Ningyo sisters played under the moonlight and closer to shore than normal, carefree until something small was thrown nearly at them and disturbed their game. At first thought it was a stone and nothing more, but the object bobbed a moment in the water before making a pitiful noise. A human child had been carelessly discarded, and the person who tossed it away was already leaving in the distance. The eldest of the sisters took the child and swam toward the rocks to discuss with her sisters what was to be done.

“Eat it,” suggested the youngest. “Why not? Humans would eat us.”
“Let us keep it,” said the eldest. “We could raise it like our own.”
“We can't keep a human,” reasoned the middle sister. “Humans are frail and drown. See? Look! This one is already too cold to survive with us.”

As they debated, finally the two younger sisters voted to leave the baby on the rocks to her fate, knowing there was little that could be done. But the eldest, Tsukihana, wouldn't have it. She swam with the child toward the nearest village where she knew humans were bound to come soon and attached herself to the baby, feeling sorry that something innocent would be left behind to die. Tsukihana bonded herself to the baby girl and made her one with the sea, giving herself to the human in order to keep her from freezing in the water for so many hours. By morning Tsukihana was gone and only the child remained, unbothered by the cold surf but crying with a defiant strength that demanded breakfast.

Many discarded children became vengeful spirits who hurt other humans in their pain and confusion. Tsukihana had decided that the little girl she had found would be lucky.

And luck would have it that as the sun came up over the beach an old man walked by on a morning stroll and heard the hungry pleas. The baby's body was cold to the touch, yet her lips weren't blue and she didn't seem to be suffering from the cold at all. Nobody was around who could have left her there. Kenichi worried briefly that the baby was a vengeful spirit and would turn into a rock and crush him, but after a few moments holding her the baby's cries grew still as she buried herself against him and his warmth. She needed him, and as his heart moved to pity, Kenichi turned to take her to his home.

His daughter and son in law lived with him, and they had a young son of their own. To him, there was no reason they couldn't care for another. She was named Akemi, or Brilliant Ocean, for the sea she was found in and the deep blue eyes that remained past when a baby's eyes should be blue. Akemi was raised lovingly as a cousin and playmate to Kenichi's grandson, and spent much of her youth following either her grandfather or cousin, Yoshii, around devotedly. She was an obedient girl who wanted to help with everything, and would mimic her cousin as he worked to clean the house and casino. Life was happy and comfortable, and though the casino's business was slowing Kenichi stood his ground to keep his family together and happy.

Things began to strain, and in an effort to ease it and help, Kenichi's daughter and son-in-law decided to leave Numazu to head north, to larger areas in hopes of good work. Out loud their hope was to send money home to their father until business picked up again, but quietly they all knew that by leaving the children with the old man it would become easier to feed and provide for them with two fewer to worry for. Yoshii was told to look after his cousin and help their grandfather. At first letters and money came regularly once they had found their new home, but then less and less, Kenichi only telling his two loves that their family was doing well, missed them, and would be home soon. Akemi was ten the last time their grandfather read them a letter from her aunt and uncle, and sighing, the child went alone to the beach that night to think. She hadn't noticed the tide coming in as she sat out in the rocks until the water was far too high for her to walk back to the safety of shore. All Akemi could do was climb a little higher, hoping and waiting, and singing to keep herself from feeling so afraid.

The child thought she was imagining things when she heard laughter over the breaking waves, and was terrified to see the wide, glimmering eyes that rose from the water to get a better look at her. “So much bigger and still a lot of trouble!” What was talking to Akemi was incredible- though thin, pale, and somewhat distorted, what she saw was a woman for sure, but the bottom half of her body had vanished into a long shimmering tail of a giant fish with grand fins. It was joined by a second figure, her face slightly older than the first. “You don't remember us, but we would know you anywhere.”

The creatures sitting with Akemi were Ningyo, and patiently told the girl of how it was they who found her years ago, how their eldest sister sacrificed herself to save her life, and how as Akemi grew she would become closer to the sea and receive its gifts. They would be small at first, but when Akemi became a woman she would be one of them and able to move through the sea freely with her sisters, where she belonged. Akemi was stunned, awed, and a little frightened; just how is one supposed to take being told their destiny was to give up their world when they came of age? The night grew later and later, and finally the elder of the two sisters offered an agreement with the child: they would take her back safely to shore now, but from then on every full moon Akemi had to come back to the sea to spend time with them to get to know them as a family so that when the day came that Akemi could join them she wouldn't be afraid. She promised, and was brought home wet, shaken, and not ready to talk about what she'd learned.

Akemi wanted to think it all a dream until she began to feel the changes within her. She could feel the sea calling to her, and felt more moved by the frustration and sadness of neglected ayakashi than others her age. Akemi became introspective and somewhat distant, and per her promise returned to the water once a month to play and sing and get to know her family. And for a while, things were just fine as they were, Akemi's secret life quite safe under the moon's watchful eye. It wasn't until she was fourteen that the newest changes arose. Fall had come, and Akemi was lost in thought somewhere between the worlds and staring seemingly into space when it happened. A single leaf fell freely from the tree, and then caught in her gaze and froze in place. Yoshii thought he'd imagined it until it happened again and he called their grandfather, who asked her to repeat what she'd done. Just as before, leaves held their place in the air, unable to fall until Akemi released them. His girl was doing this of her own free will, but instead of becoming afraid or calling for an exorcist, Kenichi had an idea.

Day after day Akemi practiced her newfound gift, moving leaves and scraps of paper, slowly learning to hold brushes and toys in the air without touching them. Clear as day, she could see the objects in her mind and hold them there by invisible strings, pushing and pulling to her will. Excitedly she told her sisters, who were pleased to see that Akemi was growing into her gifts that she would soon come into fully. Until then, there was a casino to help save. Even though she was still so young, Kenichi knew his girl, his gift from the sea, was given to him for a reason and that she could help bring their family business back up. She trained in her skill and became adept at playing the kokyuu, her voice sweet, strange, and becoming more haunting as she grew. Akemi became the dealer for customers playing Chou Han, and would move the dice with her gifts to benefit the house. Some would win, some would lose, but they would come back for more and bring their friends. Akemi would sing and play to entertain them in the long night hours as she and her cousin worked to raise their family's establishment back into the gleaming gem it once had been.

Kenichi's Darling Pearl had become quite the attraction, nobody ever able to prove that Akemi's dice skills were anything but purely lucky. Their reputation was solid as foreigners began coming to Numazu, Akemi putting her skills to good use to benefit friends and neighbors as foreigners would bring money and goods to gamble away carelessly, all the while keeping her promise to meet with her sisters. Now 19 Akemi knows that her day is coming and soon she will change in ways she isn't sure of and is almost very afraid of as every month to her the sea feels more like home.

Each month spent training with her sisters Akemi grows more sure in the sea and hears it calling to deep inside of her. It was on her most recent visit with her sisters that she pushed herself, swimming through the torrential waves and deadly currents of a storm far in the bay and further away from the safe shores of Numazu than she'd ever been before. Once she let herself relax, though, the struggling with the sea stopped and it began to move with her, her ningyo sisters pleased at how far their little sister had come and how soon she would be ready to shift and join them in the sea. Despite the storm, the night's exercises were going well until something crossed their attention: a ship, swaying violently in the surges, a sharp scream, and a splash lost in the waves. Someone had fallen from a cargo ship.

Ignoring the risks, Akemi swam to where the ship careened away from, searching for the person who had screamed. Just like Tsukihana, Akemi had a tender heart, and wished to try and save the person before they drowned. She ignored her sisters as they said to let the stranger drown, and watched as Akemi struggled to swim against the great waves. Their littlest sister was growing stronger each month but was still human and could still drown- for now.  There were too few ningyo left, Yumi reasoned, and since they did love her Yumi and Makiko opted to humor her and helped Akemi bring the unconscious human to shore through the storm. She didn't crave flesh yet and was still so innocent. Her time would come later, when she was ready, and hungry.

On shore pushes were given, coughs were sputtered, and water was vomited up, leaving a confused and half-dressed person in pain but alive, and a very relieved Tsukimono helping them get to the casino to rest. Dr. Ono was called in the morning, and their guest, he explained, was male even though appearing distinctly female in many places. Mairtin was from Ireland, and while unharmed, needed rest to heal from the trauma and had been invited to stay at the Lucky Shovel as a guest. Akemi does what she can to be a gracious hostess while her family uncomfortably go about their days trying to hide that Mairtin's savior isn't human. Secrets are better at hiding themselves when strangers aren't tossed in the mix, but generous invitations can't simply be revoked out of fear like that.

But like Yoshii has sung since childhood, "Try, just try, to refuse her anything!"


      → Akemi's favorite necklace is a charm of a golden fish curled into a circle with a large pearl set in the center and a smaller one held in its mouth.
      → Japanese is her only spoken language, though she is learning a few words of English from the foreign missionaries that are always pestering her.
      → Though not clammy or damp-feeling, Akemi's skin and touch are almost always cold, even in summer. If she grows too hot and stays so, she will be come quite sick.
      → Akemi knows she is possessed but is fine with it, but as such makes no plans to ever marry. Who would intentionally want someone cursed?
      → She is quite used to being insulted and called a harlot and cheat
      → Akemi practices her telekinetic abilities daily, though for all her years she can't manage to lift more than a few ounces at a time.
      → Since meeting her sisters, Akemi hasn't dared miss a month's meeting with them to keep her promise. Every year on her birthday Akemi goes to see them and brings them sweets and presents, though she knows she and gifts can never replace the sister they lost.
      → Akemi greets other Ayakashi as brother and sister
      → Though she herself is a Tsukimono, Akemi will repair ruined shrines or help disgruntled Ayakashi as best she can to try and buffer the peace, if only a little.
      → Her family casino is called "The Lucky Shovel;" it was formerly simply "Shunou Family Casino." The name change came with the foreigners and her grandfather, struggling to quickly learn English, putting words together that simply sounded nice, resulting in Engrish.
      → There is a very old peach tree behind the casino that Akemi climbs every year to get the first peach. When they're ripe she will climb as high as she can to drop them down to Yoshii (she climbs better than he does).
      → Her flesh has only ever been cut once, on her throat, by a Yakuza member. He and his cronies haven't been seen since, Akemi simply stating they left with some beautiful women and never came back. Truth is her Ningyo sisters ate them in retribution in order to protect Akemi.
      → Her Ningyo sisters' names are Makiko and Yumi, whom is now the eldest since Tsukihana gave herself to Akemi, making her now the youngest.
      → Akemi’s never been drunk, and only drinks the odd sip of sake here and there.
      → She has a habit of bathing in the sea at dawn to cleanse herself on the odd days she wakes up feeling guilty about things on her mind.
      → She has the teensiest, most harmless but cute childish crush on her doctor, Dr. Ono
      → When her grandfather was little, the building had been much larger and served as the village's largest inn. The inn caught fire when he was still young, leaving a very large inner courtyard and large property, but the remainder of the house is what became the family casino.
      → Now that the casino is doing better financially, Akemi's grandfather has finally consented to getting electricity and best of all, a modern bathroom.
      → Between "scheduled" visits with her sisters, Akemi will slip into the sea at night to dive for baskets of pearls to sell to visitors.
      → Akemi has a great deal of trouble sleeping at night when she hears the sea whispering to her
→ Fluent in Japanese (cc99cc), and learning a few words of English (coral)


        → The powerful, the pleasurable, the indestructible Shu!

        → First here. Just wait, the others are coming, I'm sure.

        → Pardon me, but do you have any Grey Poupon?

        → Lucky Lady


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Fluent in Japanese (cc99cc), and learning a few words of English (coral)

"Will you dare at all to meet my eyes? It's in there your own strength lies."
"In the sea, the fish have learned to fly! On a moonlit night with wings of silver as the enchanted stars sail serenely by...


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Shunou, Akemi  Empty Re: Shunou, Akemi

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Believe this is done.


Fluent in Japanese (cc99cc), and learning a few words of English (coral)

"Will you dare at all to meet my eyes? It's in there your own strength lies."
"In the sea, the fish have learned to fly! On a moonlit night with wings of silver as the enchanted stars sail serenely by...


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Shunou, Akemi  Empty Re: Shunou, Akemi

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<3 I love youuuu


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Shunou, Akemi  Empty Re: Shunou, Akemi

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