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Post by Mairtin Quinn on Sun Jun 08, 2014 3:14 am

CASE FILE: Civilian
Máirtín ó Cuinn 2nixn42 Máirtín ó Cuinn 2nixn42Máirtín ó Cuinn 2nixn42
If I ever leave this world alive

       FULL NAME:
       Máirtín ó Cuinn


       Male (Has Partial Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome)

       Taum, Ireland


       July 22nd, 1892

       Formerly a potato farmer; Came to Japan looking for technology to help Ireland rebel from Britain.





Anyone seeing Mairtin would likely think him to be either a woman masquerading as a man or a child trying to pass himself off as a few years older than he was.
Mairtin has a very youthful and spritely appearance, and many an observer would might call him cute or pretty, though at the risk of a bloodied nose. The poor boy's face is quite full and rounded, made feminine by his perky, round freckled cheeks; his short, pert nose; and his somewhat plump and pouty lips. Typically Mairtin would try to masculinize his face with a false moustache, but he had lost his since he fell into the ocean and has not been able to acquire a new one in Japan.
Mairtin's eyes are a dark shade of gunpowder grey, bright but defiant, accented by long, delicate eyelashes. His hair is a vibrant red-orange, much like leaves in late autumn. He tends to shave his hair short, but when neglected it grows into a curly mess of lockes that cover his forehead and the tops of his ears like bramble covers the forest floor.
The Irish youth was born with pale, heavily freckled skin, but long years of toil in the fields beneath the sun left his skin browned to a healthy beige tone.
There is nothing more shameful for Mairtin than his body's shape. Despite hard labour on the farm and constant attempts at building muscle on his own, Mairtin's upper torso and shoulders are rather narrow, and his arms are thin things, only distinguished by the compact bulge of the biceps he strained himself to build. Most peculiarly for a boy, upon Mairtin's chest rests two small, rounded breasts, upturned and firm from the muscle beneath built from the strain of physical labor and excercise. His waist is thin of frame, but flares outward into partially wide hips, attributing further to his distinctly feminine figure. While his legs aren't particularly long or thick, his hands and feet are both rather small, though the skin on both are rough and torn from labor with farm tools and walking barefooted upon the ground.
Mairtin has a light and airy voice, made even more melodic by his Irish lilt. While it may be very fitting for a cute woman such as he would appear to be, it is not very appropriate for a grown man, and Mairtin knows this. He often forces himself to speak in a deeper, lower tone in an attemtpt to sound more gruff and manly, though he often just sounds like a fourteen year old boy pretending to be an adult at best.
Mairtin typically carries himself in a very masculine way with his feet at shoulder's length apart and a tendency to take wide, marching steps; swinging his arms and shoulders with fists clenched for the sake of appearing more like a man. He doesn't slouch much when in the company of others and often puffs out his chest and stands tall.

A poor lad such as Mairtin has enough trouble dealing with a cruel and unforgiving world without the curse of a woman's body to drag him under. He does all he can to hid his embarassing shape, such as binding his chest with thick bandages to give him the appearance of being flat. His choice of clothing also reflects upon his desire to hide his femininity, as he typically wears a dark brown working class jacket that's several sizes too large for him over a nearly equally oversized light grey turtle-necked wool sweater, all in attempt to make his figure unnoticable beneath his baggy clothing. Like most working class Irishmen, Mairtin also wears worn mud brown leather boots, bland grey slacks, and finally a grey peppered flatcap upon his head. A silver chain necklace hangs from his neck, bearing a silver-coloured cross.


       Máirtín ó Cuinn, now there's a lad who works three times as hard as the next just to be considered that-- a man. All his adolescent life the poor boy was ridiculed and teased by his peers for his girlish looks and so he grew to be a soul who felt he must compensate for everything. Mairtin isn't a mean lad, not at all. In fact, he's got a sensitive and soft heart, which gives him all the more reasonto clad it in steel. Mairtin isn't one for making friends much, and he tends to keep everyone but his family at at least an arm's length away. The shame of his voice keeps him from being the most talkative person in a group and he'll do his best to stand in the corner and go unnoticed in a crowd, but he makes an earnest effort to look aloof and unfriendly to avoid looking vulnerable to any who might go causing him trouble. He feels ill at ease in a crowded place and much prefers the quiet emptiness of the countryside to the loud noise and crowded streets of a city.

Though Mairtin maybe put on an air of defiance and aloofness, he's a gentle man with a love for simple folk, children, and animals. He tries his best to respect his elders and treat others the way he'd like to be treated, and he's got a warming, genuine sort of smile to him when he actually lets down that mask of a scowl he puts on. He's simple spoken and an honest man about everything but himself. When it comes to questions about himself, Mairtin tends to be vague and dodges inquiries by changing the topic quicker than a bolt of lightning. While Mairtin might not be well educated, he has a certain cleverness about him which serves him well as long as he keeps a cool head about him. Mairtin is usually well meaning, and will often go out of his way to help others in need, and though his speech may be a bit crude, his words are soft and kind when he lets his tough, no-nonsense man act slip.

Mairtin doesn't trust other men much, especially those older and larger than he is. He expect them to look down on him or cause him trouble, and so in circumstances where he might feel threatened or teased, he often becomes hostile and quick to anger, and won't back down from a fight when it comes knocking. When his hot-headed tendencies take hold of him he'll speak pretty brashly and do little to hold his tongue. Such a confrontational nature was born from his resolve to stop running away from bullying and teasing he suffered as a younger lad. If he has to earn respect by bloodying a nose then he won't shy away from it, but he won't go looking for trouble that isn't looking for him either. But when his anger does take a hold of him, all rationality and sensibility flies out his head like a bird out of it's cage. He's prone to make poor decisions when he's enraged, or pick fights that are not in his favour.

Mairtin its driven by his need and desire to prove himself as capable and useful, both to himself, his peers, and his family. He's always been a hard worker and often pushed his body to the point of collapse to do the same amount of work a man twice his size might do. He doesn't like to give up on a task just because its difficult for him and will stubbornly refuse to quit, even if it might be impossible. This sort of mentality is exactly what brought him to Japan, thinking he could smuggle new tech back to Ireland to help his brothers and countrymen in their struggle against Great Britain.
Mairtin's hatred for the British Empire stems from the prejudice and struggles he and his family endured at their hands. His grandparents and parents in particular have always harbored disdain for the Brits because of widespread suffering which sprung from the great famine, and his parents and two older brothers are both Irish Republicans in their ideology. Britain treats Ireland and her people like a battered servant, he believes, and they make their wealth and prosperity off of the suffering and hardship of the impoverished people such as his family, all while doing what they can to strip them of their very identity. Mairtin believes that Irish men and women should not have to live in fear of the Brittania's imperialistic might and that Ireland deserves to be free so that her people may look for their own prosperity rather than toil for Britain's gain. This manner of view on society has also caused Mairtin to harbor a strong distrust of the wealthy elite, believing that all are greedy and heartless and care little for the poor men and women who toil and bleed just to eat while they ferment in their excess.

Being a sensitive lad, Mairtin often finds himself feeling depressed and dejected when he has time left alone to be at the mercy of his innermost thoughts. He loathes his feminine body and traits and sometimes wonders if he is being punished for some reason he cannot fathom, or if his affliction is some cruel joke of God. The only time he lets his tears and regets spill forth is when he's wrapped in solitude, often camping out in the wilderness when he has the chance to do so. Otherwise Mairtin steels his nerves and won't let any negative emotion escape his heart save for his anger and frustration towards himself, his fate, the world, and the people who've dared to torment him. When he is particular agitated but trying to hold himself back from bursting with his anger, he tends to bite down on his finger until it bleeds.

The lad has a love for festivals, despite his avoidance of crowds. While he might be something of a wallflower, he enjoys the festive atmosphere, the jaunty music, the food, the drinking, and the cheerful mood. He's not one to jump into the middle of things, but nothing fills his heart with joy like sitting back with a drink in hand and watching people come together to relieve themselves of their worries and fears. Its these sorts of moments that really bring out the best in a small community, and builds a sense of belonging.
When there isn't a festival to go to, Mairtin relaxes with long walks or runs in the quiet countryside. While in Ireland he had a habit of vanishing off into the woods or hills to find a spot to lie down and stare at the sky and listen to the babble of a brook or the songs of birds and wind in the tree tops.

Mairtin is a self proclaimed catholic, but his faith in God has faltered tremendously due to his frustrating condition as well as the strange advent of spirits in Japan, which stands tangible in the face of a seemingly absent God. He doesn't trust the spirits and seemingly magical elements of Japan either, and thinks that any being that holds so much power without being truly all-knowing and altruistic would quickly and easily take advantage of "lesser beings" such as humans. He does however, covet the technology of Japan, believing that such treasure could be the salvation of Ireland and the key to her freedom.

Mairtin isn't quite an alcoholic, but it is not unheard of him to drink for pleasure to to drown his sorrows when a pint is available. He doesn't care much for smoking and considers gambling the work of a lazy man. He is also a virgin, and bitterly refuses to accept the touch of another human being so long as his body poorly reflects upon his gender. He fears the possibility of another being to close to his body and so he always covers himself in layers of clothing when he can, or otherwise just keeps his distance from everyone.

Learning from his elder brothers, who are volunteer soldiers for Ireland, Mairtin is a good shot with a rifle, having both a keen sight and a steady aim. Shooting faceless targets is an ease for the lad, but to take the life of a human being or animal is not something that he relishes. Despite his unease when it comes to killing, Mairtin firmly believes that he must pull the trigger when the time comes to face his enemies down the crosshairs of his rifle, lest they kill him and those he loves first.

  • Alcohol
  • Festivals
  • The Rural Countryside
  • Ireland
  • His family
  • Animals
  • The spring and summertime
  • Good, hard, honest work
  • History
  • Good stories

  • Britain
  • Lazy, complacent folk
  • The rich
  • Liars and cheats
  • Traitors and any who would sell out their friends, family, and country for personal avarice

       His condition and the female body he has as a result. He does his best to hide this from everyone.

       His two elder brothers in the Irish Volunteers


       ? Three paragraphs minimum of your character's background. Try to steer clear of extremely cliché drama and trauma. It is WAY too popular and rarely played out well; characters don't need horrific histories in order to be interesting. Keep the child abuse, rape, family deaths, etc. out of here as much as possible; they get old fast. Do not copy characters from any animes/mangas/etc. Make your own. You can use elements that inspire you, however create something you can call yours. Must be at least 450 words or more.


     ? Anything else you want to add? Random trivia, information on an illness or disability your character has, etc.
     ? Be sure to add what language they speak in the color they speak it in.
     ? List ^ the languages as part of your signature. If you are Japanese, you will speak Japanese. You can include what dialect they speak. If they also speak English or any other languages, be sure that it makes sense.  


       ? Your online alias. Just put down ONE name, please, and use this name in the c-box so there's no confusion over who you are.

       ? Who else do you play? If this is your first character, say so.

       ? Do you have anything to say yourself? As long as it doesn't sound stupid, you can put anything in here really. Just no autobiographies about your last journey to the toilet, please, because seriously, NO ONE CARES.

       FACE CLAIM:

[b]SERIES[/b] - [i]Character[/i] - Your Character
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       ? Insert the customized rank name that you wish for your character here. It can be anything within reason.This will replace where it currently says: "PENDING".


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