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Post by Akisame Era on Tue Oct 22, 2013 2:19 pm



Fair skinned and considered to be of average to tall stature, the Aganian people were once the most numerous in all of the western continent, and that may still be true today, as no other human settlement in the western continent is as large as Agania. Several million humans of both Aganian and foreign origin now live behind the massive walls that define Agania. Even after the fall of the outermost wall, Maria, Aganians still prove to be the most populous people in the west, despite losing a third of their territory and countless lives.

-The Aganian people are most akin to Germanics, with varying mixtures of other European cultures and races
-The Aganian people speak Aganian (German)


The people of the far-east archipelago of Kamahen are little known to the people of the west. Though open trade and communication occurred between Agania and Kamahen, such connections were lost 100 years ago when Titans appeared. All that remains of the Kamanese culture in the west are antiques and goods that arrived in Agania by way of trade. None in the west are even sure if the Kamanese survived the advent of the titan onslaught, and none are able to travel the vast 4000+ km distance it would take to find out. Likewise, the people of Kamahen are nearly certain that all humans on the mainland have perished at the hands of the titans and care little to waste lives and resources to find out for certain.

The Kamanese people are proud, disciplined, and industrious as per a cultural attitude. Their oriental appearance, slightly darker skin, and sharp features make them stand out from their Aganian counterparts, and the fair haired, fair skinned and tall appearance of a typical Aganian would be found just as strange in Kamahen.

-The Kamanese are most similar to the Japanese in terms of culture and appearance
-The Kamanese people speak Kamanese (Standard Japanese) and Kansai Kamanese (Kansaiben Japanese)


The Flaffian people perished in greater numbers than their Aganian neighbors 100 years ago. Without the means to create effective walls as quickly as the Aganians, nearly all of Flaffle was overrun by titans. Some Flaffians fled to Agania for refuge. Others used the new Flaffian invention, the hot air balloon, to take to the skies. Those that survived took refuge in the mountains where they built three cities into the faces of mountains too steep for any man or titan to climb and that could only be accessed through hot air balloons. Here in these seperated and  isolated elevated cities, a few hundred thousand Flaffians live.  Flaffians tend to be shrewd traders and somewhat haughty, feeling superior in their sense of freedom in the skies, away from the terror of the titans below. A saying goes: "A Flaffian is not truly himself unless he has the open skies"

-Flaffian people and their culture is mainly based on the French
-Flaffians speak Flaffian (French)

Other Races: If you would like to another race (Ex. A person of Russian or Nigerian characteristics) that isn't from of one of the main listed countries, you must first seek approval from the mods. If someone is already playing a character of similar nationality we will inform you of the name of this minor race. While playing a character that is not from a named country, please be vague about their country of origin (i.e. Where the country is located; What it is called; How people survive there)

The easiest way to do this is to play an immigrant to one of the major countries.

If you would like to create a new official race and a country to accompany them, you may PM a staff member and we will discuss it at length. Please be concise and thorough with such suggestions and keep in mind that we cannot create too many plot focused countries or else we will end up with a lot of vacant nations.

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