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Post by Akisame Era on Sat Oct 26, 2013 1:16 pm

Flaffian Military

Private Military Companies

In the city-states of Flaffle, money speaks louder than loyalty for most. Because Flaffle's cities lack any real unified government and therefore lacks an official military. Major companies in each city state typically draft their own privately funded military to protect company assets and to some extent, the city itself, should need arise. Most PMC soldiers are only loyal to the next paycheck, but thanks to the money and resources of their contractors, they tend to be very well equipped. PMC soldiers serve many functions and roles in the schemes of the companies and employers they work for. Some work security detail around company buildings and others are stationed on cargo ships that travel across the continent. The less lucky soldiers get placed as security on exploration expeditions into unsettled territory.

Equipment for PMC soldiers generally include updated flintlock rifles for dealing with human threats as well as standard issue sabers. Some soldiers are specially outfitted with 3DMG smuggled illegally from Agania, but such equipment is rare because of the training it takes to use them properly and the lack of experts in Flaffle. To deal with Titans, PMC soldiers are generally given an equipment belt stocked with an assorted combination of smoke bombs and crude cast iron grenades. While these are not effective with properly dispatching titans, they do well to hinder them long enough to escape if used correctly.

PMC soldiers typically wear their own uniforms unless they are given a specific uniform by the company that hires them.

Civilian Militia

The civilian militia is an organisation comprised mainly of volunteers with few paid policemen. Being appointed to keep order at a street level in Flaffian cities, the civilian police are not nearly as well equipped as PMC soldiers, having mainly only solid wooden batons for administering punishment and subduing belligerents. Only specially paid policemen are allowed to carry rifles, which are mainly only meant to deal with serious threats. While the PMCs serve to protect the companies that run the city-states, the police deal with petty street level crimes and order, such as drunken brawls or burglary.

Battle-glider pilots

The true Crème de la Crème of Flaffle's military manifests in the form of its battle-glider pilots. Typically, glider pilots are hand selected from PMC training programs when they show particular aptitude for flying. Giselle Lamoureux, current president of Lamoureux Exploration and Industries Co., founded the pilot training company as a direct answer to Agania's success with 3D Maneuver Gear used for combating Titans. Other companies in other city-states soon followed suit and copied the programs to produce their own private pilot forces.

Glider pilots are selected early during their training in PMC programs by special talent scouts at the age of 14 or 15, typically. A fee is then paid to the PMC the soldier was taken from and he is taken to a different camp to begin his training as a pilot. Glider pilot recruits usually train in groups of up to two dozen hopefuls. For the next year they follow a rigorous training regiment which teaches them how to pilot a battle-glider (Which is faster and more dynamic than a regular glider due to its use of compressed gas canisters). They are taught how to strike a target accurately with the mounted blades upon the wings of the glider; how to maneuver around and through obstacles such as forests and cityscapes. Pilots are expected to be exceptionally physically and have outstanding endurance to deal with the rigors of piloting a glider at high speeds. Rather than being somewhat mercenary between the three major companies of Flaffle like typical PMC soldiers, pilots are exclusively contracted by the company that trains them.

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