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Post by Henry Agricola on Thu Feb 06, 2014 11:48 pm

CASE FILE: German (Honshu) Militant
Henry Hans-Karl Agricola Cross-10 Henry Hans-Karl Agricola Cross-10 Henry Hans-Karl Agricola Cross-10
"Wenn Sie nicht für etwas stehen, werden Sie für alles fallen!"

       FULL NAME:
       → Henry Hans-Karl Agricola.

       → 35 years old.

       → Male, Professor Oak.

       → Stuttgart, German Empire.

       → German.

       → Air Force Pilot.

       → January 12th, 1879.


       → 6' 1" ft.

       → 175 pounds.

Henry Hans-Karl Agricola VC3OVA_Gusurg

       → Henry's hair colour is black, which is tied up in a ponytail as a result of letting it grow out at the insistence of the Daimyo there, whom seemed to want him to look like a part of his ensemble. He prefers his hair short and cropped, but SOMEHOW, at the insistence at preserving diplomatic status, as well as being a guest in Japan, he has to wear his hair long contrary to German Army regulations (at the time, the German Air Force was in fact just an arm of the German Army.) Now he is a sane man, and likes his job very much, so he kept his do, but kept as far away from the Daimyo as possible, whom seems to regard foreigners a little TOO much for Henry's liking. Henry happens to have hair curly and wavy, with a face that spells Caucasian, if that wasn't obvious enough. He has hair black and eyes brown, yet skin pale and reddish. His jaw is broad and strong with a chiseled butt-like formation on his chin. His face has a strong nose, and rather unremarkable eyes with thin lips to it. His ears are average, and overall his strong austere German appearance gives his appeal.

His build is mesomorphic in that there isn't significant bulk or musculature that would impede him greatly whether it is through sheer quantity or a lack of it, as he is a warrior foremost of all, and a soldier above that. Holding his share of scars across his body from his tour in the Boxer Rebellion, and later, the Herero Wars. They are however not as numerous, and tend to be shallow rather than anything deep enough to end Henry's career as a soldier. Merely complimentary regards that show he has danced with death and has come out alive, against maniacal rebels that wished his death, from those that clutch firearms to those that use something as archaic as swords mostly in combat. His most punishing of scars comes from a razor freak accident that left a neat line across his cheeks. That was his most devastating wound, which is saying a lot. He is good at weathering through hits, or merely not getting hit HARD. Wonders of modern tech that pales in comparison to Japanese technology though, as far as it was shown.

Despite being in Japan, under service of a Daimyo, he does fare with raiment that denote his presence as a foreigner, in fact, his sole attire is his military uniform from Die Fliegertruppen des deutschen Kaiserreiches. He wears a modified uniform, rather a minor detail. The collar is worn bent downward as opposed to propped up, as well as the fact it isn't double breasted button up shirt, but a single button up tunic. He has his divisional number written on his shoulder boards, with his rank clearly emblazoned on his uniform if his bomber jacket is taken off. The uniform's overall colour is dark grey, with his collar dyed red, and the outline along the span of his lighter grey pants to have a red stripe running down from each side outwards. His ankle hugged by black jackboots that runs along the span of his leg sleeve, standard to German uniforms, and he tends to wear a cap as opposed to the famed German Pickelhaube, as he is a pilot. Appropriate ranking and other applications done to denote his rank are undertaken and reflected as a result, as well as his status as a member of the Flying Corps. Around his uniform tunic is his belt, complete with holsters and scabbards depending on whether or not he is carrying armaments, fashioned out of tanned and hardened leather, and for easy deployment of firearms or sword. Both of which are typical of officers, as he is a Hauptmann (Captain) of the German Army, he carries the privilege of being one of the members in the military service given permission to carry swords, often ceremonial though. Tends to wear an officer's cap.

His voice when he speaks is guttural, with the ferocity of a German lion, deep pitched and quite angry even though he is calm. His face is the epitome of a poker face as he seems to have the constant expression of a subtle jovial smirk, or otherwise lighthearted jubilant nature that colours him an affable person despite his true interior nature as a trained killer given a uniform and permission to kill. It comes with his role as a military man. As a soldier, he walks with purpose, his eyes calculated, and his experience leaking out of every footsteps as they are measured, controlled, trained and with sheer discipline. His legs made for sprinting or covering large amounts of distance in a short amount of time, arms dexterous and whip-like to deliver strikes, with the muscles to back them, and body trained to house stamina, with his sight perfectly suited towards seeing afar. Die Soldaten von Deutschland.


       → Intelligent without necessarily being brilliant, Henry gaps the bridge with sheer experience, a willingness to do what he deems necessary, and a dab of whimsical willfulness in whatever designs he bids most fortuitous for advancement. A practiced liar and poker player, Henry's persona is hard to read, perhaps attributed to either his secret career as a member of military intelligence, or merely his detachment from life itself after the horrors he experienced firsthand in the Boxer Rebellion, and later the Herero Wars. What went there into those conflicts, came out a much changed man whose very value of the average human life to be something ineffectual, to the greater magnitude of the world.

To simplify things, it got boring, really fast. There was nothing more he loved than being pit and put against the fight for his life, fighting through the buildings, close quarter combat, watching his comrades die from a bullet meant for him, explosions deafening his ears into high pitched whistles, swords baring to slay him, only to be put down by a barrage of gunfire. It made him appreciate Imperialism in its finest, the power exerted on savages through superior Western technology and refined military traditions. Prideful and arrogant, he likes to see himself as but a mere cog of the great and chiseled German war machine, but a part of it, that he hopes one day to become the lever that controls it.

His arrogance and pride comes further than that, as a member of the landed Junker nobility, has been groomed to always assume himself a step above paupers, and just a step below royalty. Though unlike other noblemen that flex their power through oppressing the peasantry, Henry, or rather him as a Junker, advocates for practical force through militarization and power by the aristocracy's own hand, as opposed to leaving it for a commoner to do it. Not necessarily prejudiced to commoners, he merely sees them as less qualified than the aristocracy on account of them having less financial ability to pursue the best education one could afford, training, and other matters that are left towards one's purse. But despite being pampered with the best education, with a lack of concerns that comes from being a lesser man, and knowledge that comes from schooling from the best academies, he tends to suffer from delusions of grandeur. Henry's sight on the world is vast, as he is arrogant, convinced he is the next best thing to come out of Germany, as his ambitions are considered dubious and in question.

Some may think he is solely devoted to the Kaiser, as his rhetoric has pointed out, some others himself, and one learnt truth that made him shake in awe, never to speak of the information. Whatever his aspirations are, Henry is aloof, whimsical, somewhat of maniacal disposition, sometimes well spoken, and at other times as coarse as a sailor. One to be swayed by his mood as random as the Eastern winds that blow in the Pacific, a realm frontier to the German Empire, that perhaps, as he looks onward over the horizon, Germany may become THE ultimate superpower among the many nations that surround it. Or perhaps he has different aspirations, ones more selfish? Whichever the case, war has rid him of morality altogether, as he considers only ramifications and benefits in a somewhat Machiavellian manner.

Masterful at cold reading, and astute understanding of human psychology and perception of the human psyche. One whom isn't exactly necessarily moral, but neither immoral. Why would he care about labels? Those aren't fun, or really pertinent to what is most beneficial.

       → Performing amateur surgery, airplanes, technology, firearms, innovations, potatoes, top hats, power of the aristocracy, comedic theater, a new phenomenon known as motion pictures, reading up on technology and their inner working, reading up the latest medical and scientific journals, the occult, discoveries, chess, checkers, go, modern methods of communication, military battleships in general, large bodies of water, rain.

       → Sauerkraut, the English, the French, again the FRENCH, once more the French, plebeians protesting, revolutionary ideals, republics, disunity of interests, melons, and he HATES peanut butter, crows, pigeons.

       → Now THAT is a secret. But really, his occupational secret? He is a trained Intelligence Agent, being a soldier just helps. Nobody knows his true role but his handler. There is one other secret, but that one is even deeper than his role as an intelligence agent.

       → Frederick the Great.


       → Henry was born in Stuttgart to a Prussian Junker family, before relocating to Prussia during his early years. Growing up in luxury, and decadent lifestyle that never saw him absent of his wants from being unfulfilled, and neither needs, considering the affluent financial situation of his family, the Agricolas of Brandenburg. An old landed nobility that claimed heritage all the way back to the Holy Roman Empire. At the time, Germany has come through a process of unification that left it from many German states, to a singular unified Empire in which left it as a singular, entity. An industrial boom as well as new aspirations for Germany, with new patriotism instilled with loyalty to the Kaiser had taught Henry early on to appreciate the gifts endowed to him as a member of the state, rather than as an individual German. Collectivism was the forethought at the time, as well as sheer nationalism.

His father, a veteran of the Franco-Prussian war whom for an odd reason spoke in a Hessian accent and even imparted said accent to his son, groomed Henry in his early years to be a military man foremost, and get things done regardless of whatever the costs that may entail. To put his nation, not necessarily its leader, forward, over all else, and to consider himself a tool of the Empire. The impressionable child Henry soaked this up like a sponge to water, being regaled with stories of thunderous explosions, cacophonies of rifle fire, and suicidal charges done on enemy positions so to win against the former French Emperor Napoleon III. Suffice to say, his childhood wasn't one spent in inactivity or relative quiet, but actually being put through the same treatment as Frederick the Great as legend goes, being marched along, forced to discipline himself, never eating too much, exercising and learning the tactics of the military alongside juggling his studies, as his father had forced him. His mother on the other hand a quiet and distant figure that regarded Henry with a sense of detachment he never learnt even later to his life, only hearing of words that she measures her emotions in check, so that nobody would compromise her emotionally. Words that also stuck to Henry early on.

Despite that, his father was the biggest presence in his life, sending him off to the best schooling he could afford, and as soon as he was able to, ship Henry off to Cadet School for Officer Training, so that he may be one of the newest generation of German officers. Graduating with preknowledge of what his father had taught him in his childhood with flying colours. There was not much to say about Henry besides the fact that his first freedom didn't come from his civilian life, but ironically, from his military career. His life in academies were completely structured, and lacked freedom, with expectations of high standards that left him little time to pursue hobbies outside education. Friendship was hollow and really, he just wanted to get by the boredom, and admittedly had fostered a fondness for knowledge that came as one of the few escapes from complete and utter boredom. Developing in his childhood and teenagehood something of a boredom complex that must be satiated with constantly thinking mind that'd overcome his lack of physical activities to do that aren't mundane or repetitive, such as exercise. That such knowledge coincided with being the topic of study in his schooling.

He learnt many things, from tactics, logistics, trade, command, to even performing emergency field treatment of injuries, and acknowledging terrain in the Cadet School. Excelling in cooking courses, educational academic supplementary subjects, and even theology, the only thing Henry didn't perform well in, was botany, which he admitted didn't even have the patience for. His scores spoke for themselves, and his lineage as a Junker had him shipped off for war, after some pandering to his superior officers in the military.

He saw his first tour of duty and engagement take place within China, during the event known as the Boxer Rebellion. It was the Boxer Rebellion where he had his encounter with the supernatural, experiences he doesn't speak over as he was sworn into secrecy over them, under order of the Imperial Government itself. Fighting a barbaric war against maddened rebels that slake their thirst for blood, to actual honest revolutionaries that weren't in the purviews of insanity. Magic crackled out abundant as much as modern technological gunfire, as the three long years were long and hard fought to avail himself of his life. Earning himself the Iron Cross, some promotions and numerous accolades, Henry distinguished himself as an excellent soldier and fighter with an eye for tactics, that had him be seen as a prize for German Intelligence after a recommendation by his compatriots.

The Boxer Rebellion, he had been shipped out during the conflict, into China, where modern armaments won over swords mixed with modern technology, as he has fought a varied and differing mass of enemy combatants, from those that were sane enough to adopt arms, to those insane enough to charge soldiers clutching firearms with swords. In remote outskirts during patrols scouring for reported sighting of rebels, he has had his encounter with corpse-like beings that could not be killed, not easily, not in a manner that'd undo humans conventionally. The Chinese guide informed them that they were the Jiang-Shi, zombie-like beings that robbed men of their life. The soldiers weren't inclined on being killed, outnumbered a great amount of 5-to-1, modern firearms has ripped through the supernatural, that in spite of such a display, left a scant little amount of bullets as they had to resort fighting against the undead with bayonets and rifle butts. The physical capabilities of the Jiang Shi has slain a great many soldiers, that standing in account of the aftermath of the battle were a few, those among them being Henry, as he counted himself as a survivor. Disgusted that such creatures roamed outside of what was natural to the order of the world, at first, disheartened, which soon burned into passion, Henry gave his account to German Command, as they learnt of this. His battle at first filled with peril, soon replaced with utter zeal from the Agricola.

This was the beginning of absconding the Jiang-Shi corpses away back to laboratories, not to be seen again, along with the German dead, said to have had their corpses too burnt to be returned back home for a burial intact as a cover story. Henry himself received a promotion, alongside the few other survivors, and also a contract he was made to sign that promised him his silence, on penalty of treason were word to ever get out from Agricola himself. He made good on the promise of his contract, and received preferential treatment ever since, if only because he was considered a soldier that has bloodied himself against the supernatural.

That wasn't the end of his assignment though, as German Command began to pick up a more voracious appetite concerning these mythical creatures, sending Agricola out to lead men, a crackpot team, to sort out and collect the creatures, which he has, often at a great cost, given their superhuman feats of ability displayed against mere humans, that they've undone them, and each time, now at this point not fighting against humans, Henry has emerged victorious over an infernal hell-bade foe. His wits, cunning, and ruthlessness, willing to barter the lives of his men for victory, has done so in that it preserved the lives of the rest of the soldiers he led. A blood paved victory guaranteed, that a greater cost would've fallen on them had it been any softer leader been the one to lead those men. Soft with compassion and an unrealistic desire to not lose a single man. Henry knows loss is an inevitability of command, he knew it through fighting against the Chinese, humans as they were, as his commanders were detached, ordering stoic decisions without bearing to any relationship they may have with any of the soldiers. The wellbeing of the overall unit was the agenda at mind.

Henry watched, and Henry learned.

The two years of rebellion went by, and Henry was shipped out of China. Germany occupied a port there, and the embers of rebellion died down by then. He reported to German High Command back in Berlin, to answer for a few questions and dedicate a portion of his time explaining the many nuances of the supernatural he encountered, traits, and also appearances.

Henry's presence remained a blank since then. There were no records of his activities or even of his existence between 1901 to 1904. Only making appearance in a detailed report mentioning his name as an advisor sent to the colonial German forces, to German South-West Africa. His activities largely classified, that by accounts of the soldiers, had by occasion, taken part in battles during the Herero Wars. Often times to collect particular people from among the African rebels, having them shipped back in iron sealed containers in convoys, that has drawn the ire of local commanders for such use of manpower. Acquiring soldiers from time to time, that came back completely silent about the activity Henry took them to.

His social life there was largely mundane, while in Africa. Coming to chat up locals as far as he went, and even adopting a mistress among the white settlers to pass the time, that he affectionately dubbed 'Fraulein Näherin'. Their time spent together largely took place in meetings at certain points of time, where he taught her a few things about soldiering, as well as the two had moments of raunchy exchange. Though the nickname wasn't her real name, he has kept it unmentioned out of respect for her privacy, given views on premarital affairs between two.

As his tour drew to an end, in 1908, he later returned back to Berlin, staying there for longer even then where he took a job behind the desk, promoted to Hauptmann, or Captain in English. Writing in his journal, dubbed 'Compilation of Applied Military Science Against the Supernatural', with detailed sketches and elaboration on the nature of the supernaturals he has encountered in Africa, as well as refining the information over what they encountered in China. Little did he know, that those that he encountered outside, are nothing like the Ayakashi and Tsukimono of Japan, that which he didn't know till later, from second hand sources over those that were in Japan. Later, adopting the training it takes for subterfuge, and intelligence gathering from Military Intelligence, before he was transferred to a newly created Supernatural Research Division as Captain, led by an ambitious General with designs to tip the scales of war.

As he was a Captain within the Übernatürlich Forschungsabteilung, a misnomer considering their role encompassed more than research, but also elimination, recruitment, coercion, and sabotage. All of which falls under their purview. Oddly, even assimilation of foreign technology in the face of their role, becoming an autonomous force in its own right.

It was in 1910, at the formation of the Imperial German Flying Corps, as one of the people most fascinated with aviation technology, he pushed his request forward, snagged a few recommendation, and lobbied for a transfer and training into it, that it was accepted. His time occupied by training filled with logging in time practicing flying on olden biplanes. It was a simplistic affair, monotonous, tedious, but helped build up his muscle memory and ease of usage of the airplane. Not that he received much time besides a year's worth of training practicing his aviation skill.

He was required elsewhere. His predecessor, an attaché to Honshu, in 1911, died from mysterious causes. Having died from apparently being eaten by a wild animal, yet the profile markings had no knowledge on zoological references to any known species that had the matching tooth marks, and trails of slime that signified their mucous leftover, that bizarre was written all over it that supernatural occurrences were considered a strong possibility, one to be exploited. That predecessor of Henry, was not even the first to die in Japan while there under secret national interests, but the ninth to have been afflicted. Henry was chosen as one of the replacements instead. Not a line of job he fancied as to the Germans, Japan was known as a career killer, but unlike his predecessors, where others saw an assignment rife with despair, he saw it as a place filled with opportunity.

Unfortunately his arrival by sea, as a military attaché at first to the embassy, was spent as something mundane, acting as guard to the embassy, oogling up guests, and learning the language while he was there. It was an assignment at first, spent in boredom, as he had learnt his predecessors went through the same process. An agent already in the area, considered a veteran, had briefed Henry on the hoops, to acquaint himself with the area before assuming operation, as unlike China, or Africa, the Germans don't have a vast foothold there, and neither support from a military contingent to assist them. It was them on their own. That's it, Henry thought, an opportunity to expand, and perhaps infer more. What sketchy information is known on two principle supernatural types in Japan, he read.

It was a later year, after picking up manageable Japanese, he had managed to get under a Daimyo's good grace in Honshu, before being adopted as a military attaché under the German embassy agreement to observe Japanese military tactics, and perhaps if able, attain their firearms.

Another year passed, where he has picked up a larger plethora of Japanese, spending his time among the natives of Nihon, learning of their culture, nuances, traditions and mannerisms that gave him knowledge of their dealings, and also especially the one he was most interested in was folklore.

The year is 1914, and Henry counts himself as a member of the Daimyo's court, within an observational capacity if anything, otherwise, largely, internally, he finds himself interested on their military hardware, than what he has, in one musing with a fellow German, to be the application of their power. Otherwise, he remained indifferent to their cultural aspects, in spite of knowing much about it.


     → Has been awarded the Iron Cross for outstanding valour, leadership, and commitment in China, in an event known as the Boxer Rebellion. He has been in two wars, and has won a few medals along the way.
     → Henry speaks fluent German in a Hessian dialect, he is proficient in English but with an accent, and also speaks standard Japanese. He knows passable Chinese (Mandarin).
     → When he graduated, he joined the Imperial German Army, and yet transferred often times given the special circumstances he was involved in.
     → He has Gypsy ancestry from his mother's side.
     → Has learnt martial arts in his time spent as an attaché to a Daimyo in Honshu, particularly Aikido and Judo.


       →  Coca Cola.

       → First one.

       → Verwenden Sie keine Drogen.

       FACE CLAIM:
[b]VALKYRIA CHRONICLES[/b] - [i]Gusurg[/i] - Henry Hans-Karl Agricola

       → Teutonic Techtonika


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Bumpity bump, finished this application.
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