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Post by Akisame Era on Mon Oct 21, 2013 3:29 pm

TBA once the first Mission ends


Current Year: 850

Year 745: Titans first appear in human history. They nearly drive humanity to the brink of extinction. The country of Agania constructs the walls Maria, Rose, and Sina to save the remaining humans of the region. The southern nation of Flaffle nearly ceases to exist, with survivors migrating and settling into mountain ranges via hot air balloons.

Year 775: A cult dedicated to the titans lets a titan into the Shiganshina district. Dozens are devoured before it leaves. Around this time the Flaffian city-states of Aiguille du Ciel and Mont Saint-Dominique are officially founded and the first fully realized airships are constructed.

Year ???: Angel Antonen develops the three dimensional maneuver gear for use by the Aganian military to help combat the titans.

Year 825: Ishimaru Takeda develops the Subdermal Alchemic Assist Device (SAAD) for government use in Agania.

Year 832: The Flaffian City-State of Mont Soliel is founded on the island of Cerise to the south.

Year 845: A colossal titan appears and breaches the wall into the Shiganshina district adjacent to wall Maria. Hordes of titans pour in and devour the populace. Shortly after, an armored titan appears and breaks through the gate into wall Maria. Agania abandons all territory within Wall Maria as the titans swarm over. Agania loses a third of its territory and population. The influx of refugees into Wall Rose leads to food shortages. Refugees are either put to work tilling new crops or are sent back into Wall Maria to die fighting the titans to cope with these food shortages.

Year 850: The colossal titan appears once again and breaches the gate into the Trost district. Titans overrun Trost and threaten to breach Wall Rose. However, thanks to the valiant efforts of the Aganian military and alchemists, the hole in Trost is plugged with a boulder and the remaining titans are eradicated.

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