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Post by Akisame Era on Sun Oct 20, 2013 5:53 pm



In the world, right now, it is estimated that there are about 1,000,000 humans living and dying on Earth. Out of all of them, there are 1 in 5 individuals who hold the special ability of being able to preform the scientific art of Alchemy. They are said to be the closest individuals to gods, as they are also scientists. Why? Because alchemy gives them the ability to preform inhumane things and connect with the earth's spiritual network and what-not.

These special individuals are called Alchemists. They come from all over the world and their talents are many-a-number. Some Alchemists consider themselves to be super humans or a superior race. Others see themselves as super heroes, or just ordinary humans. Then there are some who consider themselves cursed and loathe the ability for becoming their own.

It should be noted that a player on this site may control no more than one alchemist, unless special circumstances take hold.

Alchemists are only present in Agania.


  • Architect - Non-military, government issued - Alchemists who assist with building and maintaining the wall. Please note: the walls are HUGE and thus take a lot of effort and time to repair even with alchemy. Also, whilst using alchemy to repair said wall, the alchemist is completely concentrated and thus very vulnerable. Stationed where needed.
  • Homeland - Non-military, government issued - Alchemists who are involved in agriculture improvements and other land or country-improving study.
  • Gear - Non-military, government issued - Alchemists who are mainly involved in research and study for creating new weapons with which to deal with Titans. Stationed in the inner most wall.
  • Camo - Non-military, government issued - Alchemists who are in the process of experimentation with animals and humans as a means for camouflage against the Titans. Closed for now.
  • Combat - Military, government issued - Alchemists who assist with military affairs via lending a hand (albeit a very scientific one). Stationed where needed.
  • Freelance - Non-Military, not government issued, RARE - Alchemists who are capable of using their ability without the application of a SAAD and who choose to have no affiliation with the government. Please note that SAADs are not required so there may be a select few alchemists also working for the government who also have not gone through the operation process of getting a SAAD. Permission needed from Aki.    

Note: All alchemists have some connection with the government and must have Subdermal Alchemic Assist Devices.


Inventor: Ishimaru Takeda, Year 825 (about 25 years ago)

These devices started as discoveries from beyond the wall via the Scouting Legion.  Some technological devices were even found in the ruins to still work today. Each of these devices, still accessible, were separately converted into powerhouses capable of tapping directly into the Earth's gravitational shifts.

These devices came to be known as Subdermal Alchemic Assist Devices or SAADs. In a very painful and excruciating operation process, they are essentially 'installed' within a person capable of using alchemy (who are already very few and far between). The SAAD amplifies and controls the user's ability and makes it possible to utilize at will. Basically it keeps the alchemist's alchemy in a harnessable zone or boundary, otherwise it is viable to go out of control or not work at all. Most alchemy before the installation of a SAAD is theory and few sparks. However, some alchemists who discover their ability may accidentally level entire buildings before being government approved for the installation of a SAAD. It is also very possible to hide alchemic abilities from the government and operate in secret, but please note that the idea of 'operating' at all is vie on impossible without said device. It is not illegal; SAADs are just recommended. There may be some rare cases where an alchemist can go without needing a SAAD, however permission is required.  Concentration is needed for alchemy and SAADs help with that. However, if alchemy is used too much, the device can short circuit and endanger the alchemist's life.

The specific device, be it a gameboy, a cellphone, a watch, etc., it will charge up via human nerve pulses. So in actuality, if the user is in some degree of pain, their alchemy works better. And whilst using their alchemy, the very act of its creation also serves as a boost of charge. In effect, the devices become charged also by their own use, affording them the extra powers as both limiters and enhancers.

The operation process is life-threatening, and many patients do not make it out alive. Which is another reason why they must be at least 18 years old to go through with the operation. The device (hopefully a smaller one) is inserted into the alchemist's neck area by skilled doctors. Medicine and pain-reducing drugs like anesthesia are uncommon if not rare, typically putting their body under a lot of stress. However, to most alchemists wishing to make a difference in the world, it is worth the risk.  

An Alchemist is one of the many remarkable individuals capable of studying and practicing alchemy. As the craft of alchemy requires a full understanding of chemistry and ancient alchemical theory, alchemists are closer to scientists than magicians, but the ability to perform alchemy is also tied to an inherent talent for manipulating matter and energy so not all people can become competent alchemists merely by studying.

Though essentially scientists, alchemists' abilities are incredibly practical and can be applied to the simple enhancement of normal life in the form of quick, relatively effortless repair of objects that ordinarily take a good deal of time and energy to fix. As such, alchemists are revered as productive members of society and hold the concept of Be Thou For The People as their unofficial credo. This creed dictates that alchemists use their abilities for the good of the public rather than for personal gain or political reasons, a creed generally rejected by alchemists who opt for government licenses and funding.

Despite their obligation to the people, alchemists are also careful to keep the secrets of their research out of the hands of the general public so as to prevent abuse of that knowledge and power by those with less-than-noble intentions. As such, alchemists generally keep their research notes coded so that only they or other like-minded alchemical geniuses may understand them.


Merely understanding the sequence of transmutation and the limitations of Equivalent Exchange is not enough. Just as the processes of "Comprehension, Deconstruction, Reconstruction" and "In order to gain, something of equal value must be lost in return" are cyclical concepts, the circle itself is the foundation of alchemy.

In order to begin an alchemical transmutation, a symbol called a Transmutation Circle is necessary. A Transmutation Circle can either be drawn on the spot when a transmutation is necessary (in chalk, pencil, ink, paint, blood or even traced in dirt; anything can be used to make it) or permanently etched or inscribed beforehand, but without it, transmutation is generally impossible and all Transmutation Circles are made up of two parts:

The circle itself is a conduit which focuses and dictates the flow of power, tapping into the energies that already exist within the earth and matter. It represents the cyclical flow of the world's energies and phenomena and turns that power to manipulable ends.

Inside the circle are specific alchemical runes. These runes vary widely based on ancient alchemical studies, texts and experimentation, but correspond to a different form of energy, allowing the energy that is focused within the circle to be released in the way most conducive to the alchemist's desired effect. In basic alchemy, these runes will often take the form of triangles (which, when positioned differently, can represent the elements of either water, earth, fire or air), but will often be composed of varying polygons built from different triangles. For example: the hexagram is a commonly used base rune in Transmutation Circles because it creates eight multi-directional triangles when inscribed and can therefore represent all four classical elements at once. Other, more esoteric runes (including astrological symbols, symbolic images and varying lines of text) are prevalent and represent a multitude of other, specific functions for the alchemical energy that is released. Over the nearly 50-year history of alchemy in Agania, great strides in alchemical research have been made by mixing these runes together to augment their power, converge their results and create entirely new pathways of utilization.

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Post by Akisame Era on Sun Oct 20, 2013 9:00 pm

Alchemy Rules

In the same way Fullmetal Alchemist would say, Equivalent Exchange is everything on the site. Making something out of nothing is strictly impossible. In that way, there is no way Alchemy can be called 'Magic' or something mystical, it is but a science of the world conveyed through esoteric means.

Alchemy is not vague or abysmal. It is concrete and tangible. Transmutation must apply to things that could be grasped, could be touched, and it is not an abstract concept such as gravity or kinetic energy. The exceptions towards this rule is through proxy via catalysts, such as creating fire from sparks and combusting oxygen counts as such a thing (but note that fire is not vague or abysmal, merely created through such means such as this is quite the alternative in achieving the Alchemical transmutation in whichever is being achieved.)

To loop an Alchemy into infinite production from only a little substance without realizing it is only as good as it lasts, is forbidden and a violation of Equivalent Exchange. For as Equivalent Exchange goes, one must give something to get something. A violation of the sacred laws Alchemists hold by, and is bound to earn a "rebound", a volatile balance in Alchemy where what little has been given would be made up by Alchemical forces taking more than it was intended to stabilize itself, often causing unforeseen consequences.

Alchemists are specialists in their field of study, and for rightful reasons too. There is far too many sciences in alchemy for one person to even know about, and took even the best Alchemists shortcuts to even master them. For that reason, an Alchemist either partakes in a specialized singular field, or to take in many more at the expense of neglecting their original studies. As an example, neglecting your original Alchemy leaves the capacity just as it were, whereas improving upon it explores more in that particular field of study and the capacity to put those studies into transmutation practice.

In the same manner Equivalent Exchange goes, Alchemy is not a locomotive self-perpetuating force that would necessarily complete all the work in itself throughout the equation. It requires arrays to let it flow smoothly (or with great instability) towards the particular goal an Alchemist is opting for. Those who skip that have particular proficiency in performing Alchemy completely without arrays (a very unusual case). Alchemy requires effort on the user's part, and often physical exertion and motion. In the same manner, Alchemy does not activate itself, it requires the user's own transmutation to initiate and harness.

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